Army of Mom

So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


Happy Halloween!

Army of Mom and her brood have "cooked up" some treats for you.

Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween's Eve


Heads Will Roll

Ok, who's next? Little Bit was totally kickass at the skull tossing game at the Boo Bash.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

BO's Terrible Secret

Tonight at the UNT Boo Bash, we discovered how Barack Obama is gaining the support of the masses. Here, we have photographic evidence of the inner workings of the Sith lords as Darth Vader (aka Hot Rod) senses that BO (some college student) may be even more evil than ever imagined.

"I find your socialism disturbing."

It's true. Tsk, tsk. We should have known.

Weep for the country, I will.


My Little Polichinelle (aka Baby Buffoon)

This is a recent Nutcracker rehearsal for Little Bit as a baby buffoon AKA polichenelle. It is so adorable to see these little gals dancing. The baby buffoons come out during Clara's dream sequence. Little Bit will be the one in the long-sleeved white body suit closest to the camera.

I found a really neat little study sheet for kids watching the Nutcracker at the Ballet Theatre of Lancaster. According to that study sheet a Polichinelle (pronounced: poe LEE shee nell) is a French word that literally translated means "Punch," the Punch of the English puppet duo, Punch and Judy. They were the original comedy act, created in the 1700s. These puppets' loud arguments escalated into fights in which they hit and punched each other. Here, "polichinelles" means buffoons, or comic characters. In the Donetsk version of The Nutcracker, the Polichinelles are tiny, active characters who disrupt the more dignified dances of the dolls in the Land of Sweets. Mother Ginger has to gather them up and take them away before they get into trouble. Yep, that pretty much sums up my daughter. :) I literally had tears in my eyes watching her. Funny how proud a mom can be over the simplest of things.

39 Going on 13

On Saturday, I took my two little ones to see High School Musical 3 and I have to admit that I like these movies. I think I am still a 13-year-old girl at heart. Of course, the Troy-Gabrielle love story is sweet, but sappy. Much of it is predictable, but fun. Of course, I had to stifle giggles when at one point in the movie Troy (Zac Efron) takes off his shirt (back to the camera) and some little tweenager behind me starts whispering *turn around, turn around!* Obviously, I was thinking the same thing, but I wasn't going to say it outloud. Then, another time, Chad and Troy are dancing around a junkyard together and I'm a happy gal thinking totally inappropriate thoughts *yes, they are both of legal age, thank you very much* before the best part of the movie when Troy and Gabrielle start kissing and Hot Rod looks at me and says:
Mom, they look like they're eating each other's faces!

I'm still singing Fabulous from High School Musical 2. What can I say? I love this song. Sharpay is a great character.

I like to move it, move it

Sorry I've been a bad blogger. I have gotten involved on a home project of clearing out junk and now I'm working on getting all my thousands - seriously - of photographs into photo albums and categorized. I just purchased my 2008 pictures. I hadn't bought pictures all year long. So, I just picked those up today and now I have to sort through all of them for baby books, friends, etc. So, I will try to get back to blogging later this week.

We voted today. Hooray. Early voting in Texas - we voted at the fairgrounds. Yee Haw!


Kids Today

Not sure what inspired me to pull out my Johnny Cash CD last night, but it was fired up in the minivan this morning when this song came on. (one of my favorite Johnny Cash songs, by the way) Hot Rod starts giggling and says "Did he say they're going to trash can?" Of course, then we had to change all the song lyrics. We listened to Ring of Fire (another fave) and he started making up lyrics about tires instead of fire. He is pretty clever.

But, we had this Jackson. Then, after walking the kids in, I saw a little fella standing the foyer of the school looking at a poster with something clearly missing. He looks like he is about to burst into tears. So, not seeing any parents around, I go over and try to help. I see he has a poster board full of pictures and captions with "Jackson's Firsts" written at the top. I remember this assignment as Hot Rod did it in the second grade, too.

AoM: Are you have a problem, bud?
Jackson: *nodding head and pointing to missing picture and then showing me the picture in his hand*
AoM: Oh. You just need some glue or tape and that will be fixed up no problem. Who's your teacher?
Jackson: Ms. S******.
AoM: *smiling* Well, you're in luck. I know Ms. S****** and I'll walk you there. *picking up his poster*
So, do you like to ride horses? *looking at his first horse ride picture*
Jackson: Yeah! *nodding head vigorously*

So, we get to Ms. S******'s room and I ask her for some tape, I put some tape on the back of the kid's picture and he puts it on the poster and smiles like his face is going to split open.

So, I've had two positive Jackson interactions this morning. Let's hope we have a third somewhere along the line. I could use some good news just about now.

Spreading the Wealth

Hat tip to the dad of one of Hot Rod's friends for sending this to me:

Today on my way to lunch I passed a homeless guy with a sign that read " Vote Obama, I need the money."
I laughed.

Once in the restaurant my server had on a "Obama 08" tie, again I laughed as he had given away his political preference--just imagine the coincidence.

When the bill came I decided not to tip the server and explained to him that I was exploring the Obama redistribution of wealth concept. He stood there in disbelief while I told him that I was going to redistribute his tip to someone who I deemed more in need--the homeless guy outside. The server angrily stormed from my sight.

I went outside, gave the homeless guy $5 and told him to thank the server inside as I've decided he could use the money more. The homeless guy was grateful.

At the end of my rather unscientific redistribution experiment I realized the homeless guy was grateful for the money he did not earn, but the waiter was pretty angry that I gave away the money he did earn even though the actual recipient needed money more.

I guess redistribution of wealth is an easier thing to swallow in concept than in practical application.

P.S. This is Army of Mom again. I have determined that I now know how Democrats felt in the 2004 election. They weren't fired up for John Kerry, but they hated President Bush. I'm not fired up about John McCain, but I really don't like BO's socialist views. Hard to believe I'm relating to the Dems, but I am. Just my two cents again people, be careful what you wish for.


It's The End Of The World As We Know It

Yep. Beware. I go today for my substitute teacher orientation. Four hours of fun. Not. But, be afraid. I could be guiding your youngsters in their education. Bwaaahhahahahaaaaa!


One thing about Texas that befuddles newcomers (and even us lifelong residents - minus the 14 months I lived 30 miles north in beautiful Oklahoma) is the weather.

Yesterday, it was a gorgeous 72 degrees when I sent my children to school in the morning. This morning, it was 37 degrees when I sent them to school! Yep, that is Texas in the fall. I knew it was going to be bad when I woke up this morning and was freezing despite wearing pajamas and being covered up with a thermal blanket and a quilt (with flannel on one side!).

But, that's ok. I actually like this kind of weather. I mean, where else can you have sweatshirts and shorts next to each other in your closet and legitimately not know which you'll be wearing next week or on Thanksgiving? That is sort of cool to me. *get it? Cool? Pun?* Never mind.


Where's the fire?

Thanks to Uzz for the great pictures. Mine just aren't near as good as these. Little Bit celebrated her sixth birthday on Oct. 12th with a backyard pinata party. She helped me make her cake and thought it was great fun that it had candy sprinkles on it. What is amazing to me is that she wore this same little pumpkin headband at her first birthday party, too!

The weather was wonderful. Not too hot and sunny, so we did everything in the back yard. Bonus for mom not having to clean the inside again. The little girl next to her has been her best friend since they were 2. They went to preschool together, but unfortunately don't go to the same school.
Yep, they're going to be sorority girls when they grow up. Not sure we'll be able to afford the same college as her best friend's family. She may be going to Vassar or something and my girl is hitting a state university.
We piled all the kids on the trampoline for present opening.
They all fit pretty well.
And, the big finale was a visit from the fire department! I love Little Bit's face in this picture. She was shocked that the fire department came to see her. Mom and LabKat were just happy to see the firefighters. See, I deserve a payoff for setting up the party and dealing with a dozen 5- and 6-year-olds and a grumpy 9-year-old who hated not being the center of attention.
Fire Captain Little Bit. Has a good ring to it. She can be like Toni Daytona from the Luann comic strip - a hot and sexy firefighter. That reminds me of a story about her saying she wanted to be a policewoman when she grows up. I said "you've gotta kiss a lot of ass if you want to be a cop." She looked at me and said "you really have to kiss a lot of ass?" I think she was thinking of it literally. We had a hard time containing the laughter hearing those words spoken by that sweet little voice.
We managed to get the fire truck here with a simple phone call. A former neighbor of mine did it for her son, so I thought I'd give it a try. What a great way to wrap up a party?
Yeah, where's the fire boys? Funny story, though, one of the moms returned to pick up her son and drove up to see a firetruck outside our house. She was panicked until she reached the firetruck and saw the kids crawling in and out, putting on fire gear, etc.
And, then, my Christmas card picture. Yeah, it'll have jack-o-lanterns in it. Sue me. I have more party pics that I took, but Uzz's are the best, so they're a good start.


A song about me

*evil grin*

While some guys wouldn't agree there is nothing wrong with fat bottomed girls ... and lots of things right with them. According to Queen, they make the rocking world go round.

What's On Your Mind

I have a to-do list a mile long including querying magazines for story assignments, completing deadlines, cleaning house, getting pictures from back in 2004 (and since) into photo albums. So, what am I doing? Yeah, listening to Information Society and remembering what I was doing my sophomore year in college to this song.

Which LOTR Character Am I?

Ok, that is sort of funny. I personally have a thing for hobbits, but I guess this sort of fits. If you want to take the
LOTR Personality Quiz beware at the end because they'll try to tell you that have to sign up for some ad or promotional thing before they'll give you your results. I just filled out the first part with my email address and said screw it when it wouldn't let me see the results without signing up for something. Then, this landed in my email box. So, I guess there is something to it. Now, I start getting Viagra or Botox emails, I'll know who to blame. So, you were warned!

Gimli does have another of my favorite LOTR movie quotes: Certainty of death. Small chance of success. What are we waiting for?


Open Letter to Clinton and Stacy:

Dear Clinton and Stacy,

You two are evil incarnate. I think you know this, though. I watch What Not to Wear every Friday night when my husband refs soccer games (cuz getting him to watch it is sheer torture for both of us, but that is another blog post). I love your show and try to incorporate your "rules" into my wardrobe.

But, tonight, you drove me to the brink of insanity. Off to my writers' group meeting and knowing that one of my former magazine editors would be there, I dressed nicer than my usual jeans, sweatshirt and sneakers. I pulled out the nice grey dress slacks with the bigger legs at the bottom, sexy yet professional dressy shirt with the print, criss cross, V-neck and the heels.

You guys can bite me about all the rules. I had to walk around with my stomach sucked in and my feet were killing me by the end of the night. Heels were not meant for soccer moms pushing 40. No no no no no. NO.

Hard to look professional when you're grimacing from the pain. So, Clinton and Stacy, unless you are going to fly down from NYC to ambush me with a $5,000 gift card to buy a new wardrobe, you may just have to make fun of me in my low rise jeans, too tight T-shirt and sneakers. Cuz, I'm all about comfort.

Until next time I need to make a good impression. *sigh*

army of mom

When you're feeling low

About the time that I start to really feel sorry for myself and our situation, something comes along and smacks me upside the head.

Today's courtesy whomp comes from an email prayer chain that I'm on. It is coordinated by a guy at the local university. He includes prayer requests from "young inmates" at a local juvenile correctional facility. These always seem to break my heart the most - coming from young men under the age of 18. The shit these kids have already dealt with and will most likely encounter whenever they get out (if they get out) amaze me.

Today's prayers:

Pray I don't get hurt in here. (name withheld)
Pray for my family because my father died last week and I loved him very much. (name withheld)
I am a homeless 17 yr old father of a 3 yr old and I'm stuck in jail. Pray God will turn my life around. (name withheld)

So, why don't you say a prayer for them, too? Thanks. Add me into the mix while you're on your knees.


I am no man!

My honey likes to surf blogs when has some down time and he especially likes blogs that feature attractive women and firearms. :) So, he found this one site and sent me over ... I saw this image and I love it. Hat tip toThe Breda Fallacy for the automotivator.

It also makes me think of one of my favorite movie lines of all time - I think it just speaks volumes to me: Courage, Merry. Courage for our friends.



No explanation needed. I'm frustrated.

No problem

I had never noticed how much I use the phrase "no problem" or "no worries" in response to someone thanking me for something until I read a recent Dear Abby column about it.

Apparently, some folks take offense at the response. *shrug* Never thought about it. It is a genuine response from me that it was no trouble at all to accommodate that person's request, gesture, effort, etc.

Now, my favorite is what I call the "Chick-fil-a response" of "my pleasure." It just makes me really like Chick-fil-a. A small gesture, but it really does make me feel like Josh the cashier is all about helping me out and not about collecting is $150 paycheck every Friday for a new CD or Wii game.


Stolen Blog Post

I'm guilty. I admit it. I stole this idea from Gadfly at Mental Floss. Five things not yet in/on my blog. Gees, I'm not sure if there is anything I haven't posted.

1. I played with Barbie dolls until I was 15.

2. I won the Art Award for my entire junior high when I was in the eighth grade.

3. I've had three c-sections.

4. My feet grew a half-size with every pregnancy. I wore a 5 1/2 in 1993. Now, I wear a 7.

5. I collect autographs. Mostly Major League Baseball players. But, I also collect sci-fi actors, too. I was on a streak (before I had children) of getting the rookie of the year players from both the NL and the AL for about three or four years straight. I got Kirby Puckett for Army of Dad the year before Puckett died.

Gees, now I'm on a role. I have so many more things I could say, too. Let's go on.

6. I plan to be Bettie Page for Halloween. *Don't you wish I'd trick or treat at your house? I may have a whip.*

7. Army of Dad's best friend brought us back a keffiyeh from Iraq on his last tour of duty.

8. I used to collect stamps, penguins and Precious Moments figurines.

9. I shattered my elbow doing a back handspring in the sixth-grade. I rebroke it making a play at the plate when I was 13. *got the bitch out, too*

10. I can never get a fire started in the fireplace.

Anyone else care to play? Give me 5 or 10 ... and let me know.

Korto was Robbed!!!

I have been waiting for this moment. Yep - the Fashion Week/Grand Finale show of Project Runway. But, I was disappointed. *sigh* Korto was robbed. Leanne's collection was beautiful. I did like it, but it paled in comparison - literally - to Korto's. Kenley (who I have a massive girl-crush on) had a lovely show, too - except for this one really 80s looking dress. *shuddering in a bad way*

So, Kenley's was good, but definitely third place.

Korto and Leanne both had impeccable designs. Korto used her African heritage in the designs - which had me worried that they'd look like a Kwanzaa party on the runway. But, they were friggin incredible. BEAUTIFUL!!! I loved them. The colors popped. The dresses were gorgeous. There was just one dress that I thought was a little distasteful because it was sooooo short on the leggy model. But, even that wasn't that bad.

Leanne's line was beautiful. Very soft. I loved the blues and the shades of beige and white. But, she seemed like a one-trick pony. I know she was going for a theme, but ... the pants were gross to me, too. *shrug* But, what do I know?

This reminds me ...

When I went to New Orleans, the Cowboys game was on before we had to hop on the plane back to Dallas. So, we hit a sports bar (we're both sporting Tony Romo jerseys) and we're sitting next to some Bengals fans who are giving us shit. One guy is hitting on me, so his shit is good-natured. His buddy, on the other hand, is just stupid. I mean, mouth-breathing stupid. So bad was his friend, that we noticed him earlier because of the stupid look he was giving the TV across the bar.

So, anyway, I drop an F bomb because of something bad that happened in the game. Now, keep in mind, we're pretty much the only women sitting at the horseshoe shaped bar in this sports grill. There are men all around us within earshot.

AoM: What the fuck was that? *screaming at TV*
Stupid guy: Did you just say the F word?
AoM: Uh, yeah.
Stupid guy: You're the youngest old woman I've ever heard say the F word.
AoM: *giving him the 'oh no you didn't just say that face'*
Men all around the bar: *giving stupid guy the 'oh no you didn't just say that face' and looking at me incredulously
Stupid guy's friend who had been hitting on me: My friend is stupid. He doesn't know what he's saying.
AoM: *still looking at him like WTF*
Stupid guy: What I meant to say is that older women like you don't usually use the F word.
AoM:*still looking at him like WTF* You're not helping yourself. Just shut up.
Men all around the bar: *still looking at him like he's stupid*
Stupid guy: Ma'am, I didn't mean ...
AoM: You don't get laid much, do you?
Stupid guy: *giving me a blank expression like he doesn't understand why I'd say that*
Men all around the bar: *laughing out loud and smacking their fists on the bar in hilarity*
Stupid guy's friend who had been hitting on me: You know what? You're right. Excuse my stupid friend here.

After this exchange, everything that I said was said with an old lady joke. I believe I made jokes about needing some Depends, maybe hitting him with my cane, etc etc. Every time I said something, all the guys around us erupted in more laughter. Me? I left with a complex. The only thing that kept me from being traumatized was the 20-something good looking Bears fan earlier hitting on me. That guy was hot and flirted with me, unlike the dumbass who called me old.

So, all that leads to a page I stumbled upon while avoiding work called How Not to Get Laid. The first story I saw was great. Nothing like a parrot to kill a mood. It was seeing this page that reminded me of the stupid Bengals fan and how he will never get laid.

The Nation's New Robin Hood

Hat tip to my MIL for sending this to me. I've heard the sound bite of BO and the plumber discussing BO's tax plan for increasing taxes on businesses that bring in $250,000 or more annually and "spreading the wealth around."

But, here the New York Post has the full video and a story about the exchange. Regardless of your politics, it is a good video clip to see. For BO supporters, it is good just to know what your candidate is saying. For those on the fence, again, good to know what BO is saying. For people like me, it smacks of socialism.

Be careful what you ask for, people. I'm not so much FOR McCain as I'm opposed to BO's socialism.

*putting away soapbox*


Sex Kitten Evolution

Yep, its official. Less than a month to 40 and I've lost that lovin' feeling.

Wearing my 2005 NCAA Women's National Champs Baylor basketball t-shirt (forest green with gold), a pair of red Hawaiian print pajama bottoms, my red cable fleece robe and my fuzzy baby blue slippers with little yellow crowns with the word "princess" on each one.

All you men hold yourselves back. I'm hawt.


Three Weeks to Go

Election Day is Nov. 4. I'm really not sure if I can survive the next 21 days. I may go into hiding. I'm tired of all the rhetoric. I'm tired of being - essentially and sometimes outright - told that I'm anti-Constitution or anti-women's rights or whatever else nonsense people come up with for my beliefs. I'm tired of biting my tongue because I have friends whose beliefs are so absolutely opposite to mine that it boggles my mind. I'm worried about our country and where it is going. Everyone has someone to blame for the mistakes and no one seems to care about the truth. Everyone spins it to fit their own personal beliefs. It is ridiculuous. No candidate is perfect. No political party is perfect. But, I'm not going to get frothy at the mouth and freak out on people when I try to make a point and it sends them off into a tizzy. Am I excited about a candidate this year? No. I worry about the next four years and the problems my children are going to inherit regardless of who is elected.

Someone wake me up on my birthday (Nov. 7). I may hibernate in the meantime.

RIP, Superbowl Dreams

So, I'm a writer and not a graphic artist. However, the shitty visual here pretty much sums it all up in one crappy image. The Cowboys are toast. As if they weren't sucking hard enough before, now they've cemented the whole deal.

Wanna know why?
QB Tony Romo has a broken finger on his throwing hand.
Punter Mat McBriar has a broken foot.
WR Sam Hurd needs surgery on his left ankle.
RB Felix Jones has a strained hamstring.
Linebacker Anthony Spencer has a strained hamstring.
WR T.O. has a strained labia.

We're so totally screwed. I wonder if it is too late to get an Adrian Peterson jersey and join my husband?

Good Riddance

It appears the murderer who tried to avoid the death penalty by claiming he was "too fat" to find an injectable vein has been given the go-ahead for the lethal injection. Sloppy reporting by the AP never says WHEN the execution will be, although I have to assume it will be today or tomorrow judging by the way it is written.

I still don't feel sorry for him. I still sympathize with the two women he raped and killed. Go figure.


Condolence Cards

Saturday, my MIL had to put her beloved dog down because she was suffering from a large tumor that was preventing her from eating. To help comfort her, the kids all made her condolence cards about the dog. The kids did the cards without any help on spelling or anything. I thought Little Bit did pretty well on hers to have no help with spelling or anything. In case you can't tell, those are little angels all circling Sage the doggy. Pickle's version has Sage floating up to heaven, which is full of bones and steaks. Hot Rod's was more direct and the to the point with no drawings. :)

My Christmas Wish List

Every year I come out with my Christmas wish list. It is usually pretty simple with things like some new Tommy Girl cologne or a Cowboys hoodie or a DVD that I really want. But, this year, I want the very cool Tim Gunn talking bobblehead telling me to "make it work" or "carry on." Yep. That would be too much fun

I'm a sick intercourse

Of course, most of this humor will fly right over the heads of people who don't frequent Caption This on a routine basis. For those of us "sick intercourses" (you gotta get it? substitute the F word and you'll get our little inside joke) who go there and waste way too much time, this is the funniest thing ever.

I've been forever honored for my stupid caps in The Terrible Secret Behind the Best Ofs...


Happy Sixth Birthday Princess

The prissy missy turned 6 today and she's been on Cloud 9 all day. A birthday party at CCD with cupcakes and juiceboxes and a pinata party this afternoon will cap the day. To make it even better, the fire department is supposed to bring a fire truck by during the party for the kids to check out. That is the big surprise for everyone. She gets to go home with her Granny and Papa tonight, too. How much better can it get?

I love you, baby. Happy Birthday.


Fading Memories of N'Awlins

Fading memory of this one is right ... sometimes drinking to excess is not a good thing. You wind up on the Internet in a menage tois with a Democrat from San Francisco and a blow-up sheep doll. This was so funny, though. These two guys were walking around with this sheep and people were running. Us? We started laughing and talking to them. I had to get a picture. This guy was nervous as to what I was going to do. I told him to relax and go with it and he cracked up when I did this. Then he gave me the high five and BFF captured the moment for all eternity.
Sunday afternoon, we lucked into an Octoberfest parade. Very fun. We loaded up on beads and a few assorted souvenirs that they tossed out, too.
In the daylight it looks much different, but this was one of our favorite places on Bourbon Street. We danced the night away next to the stage listening to a great cover band playing favorites from the 80s, 90s and today. Good stuff.
And, of course, the Superdome where the Vikes smacked down the Saints the day after I returned.
And, our hotel. The Hotel Monteleone. It was gorgeous and only one block from Bourbon Street. Made stumbling back pretty easy. Lots of cops and security everywhere, so that was nice, too.
And, on the flight back. We look as wiped out as we felt. Of course, we didn't look at all like tourists. No sirree. Me with a wad of beads and BFF with her Cowboy-colored boa. We were quite the sight. In New Orleans, no one looked twice. Landing at DFW Airport was another situation entirely. It is good to be home, but I could use a frozen banana dacquiri to just carry around with me like I did on Bourbon Street.

Pickle Party

I'm only a month late on posting Pickle's birthday party pics, but here it goes. Here is Pickle (center with his girlfriend hanging off of him, ahem, little girl, you need to back the eff off). And, his buddy on the left. Odd thing is that the buddy used to live down the street from us and they played together when they were 4. Neither one of them remembered that.

The very cleverly homemade Speed Racer cake.
Getting ready to blow out the candles.
And, weirdness from the kids while eating cake. Little Bit just had to get in on the action. Teenagers are strange creatures. Especially mine.

Top Of The World

Man, I'm a dork. So many things just make me realize that. The fact that I searched out The Carpenters on YouTube, the fact that I emailed Little Bit's 2007 birthday invitation to all my friends and lastly - while watching Cash Cab last night - I knew Times New Roman was the answer to a question. That wasn't the dorkiest part. Nope, that came when I blurted out "That's my favorite font!" My husband just looked at me blankly.

Hook 'em Horns!

While I have no great love for the University of Texas, when it comes to the annual Red River Shootout versus Zero U (aka the University of Oklahoma) ... well, I have to root for UT.

It also brings shitloads of Okies and Longhorns through our beloved North Texas with their little car flags flying, the beer cans concealed in koozies as they fly down I-35 (ok, flying may be an exaggeration as the traffic grows more and more congested, even as far north as my neck of the woods).

While working on some construction stories due today, I found the UT-OU traffic advisory from TxDOT.

Medical News To Use

My pediatrician has told me for years that over-the-counter cold medicines for little ones were a waste of time. Now, it seems, the medical profession has finally pressured the OTC companies to follow suit. Earlier this week, drug companies acquiesced and recommended NOT giving OTC cold remedies to kids under 4.

And, it would seem a solution to embryonic stem cell research may have been found in YOUR PANTS! A story in the journal, Nature, showed that cells taken from men's testicles seem as versatile as the stem cells derived from embryos making this researchers yet another new approach in a burgeoning scientific field. The new type of stem cells could be useful for growing personalized replacement tissues, according to a study in the journal Nature. But because of their source, their highest promise would apply to only half the world's population: men.

But, it's a start!


MILFs on Bourbon Street: Friday Night Lights

It all started harmlessly enough. We walked down to see the St. Louis Cathedral and get some beignets from Cafe Du Monde. The area was really pretty and full of street entertainers and artisans. So, we stopped for a photo op.
Or maybe a few photo ops. Isn't that cathedral gorgeous? We had hoped to make it to mass Saturday night, but it started at 5 p.m. and my meetings didn't end until about 5:15.

I really like trying to take some neat and interesting pictures. So, I got the wheel for the cannon in the shot.

Lots and lots of street entertainers everywhere we went. I thought it was creepy that there were a bunch of fortune tellers right on the plaza of the church. Yuck. Anyway. This painted up statue guy was pretty good. I think he made a kissy lip sound at me as I walked by, but BFF gave him a buck or two, so we went back for pictures. He even told us how to pose.
Right after I snapped this pic of BFF was when Dwayne came over to regale me with praise for my beauty. Wow. He was laying it on thick, but I have to say it was really flattering. My own dear husband has been endeavoring to toss out a compliment here and there, but that isn't really in his nature to do. So, I know he is working hard when he does it (he did, however, slip some sweet little love notes in my laptop bag and book for me to find while I was gone.) Hmm. Looking at these pictures and I think we alerady looked blitzed.

The balconies were great. We finally made our way up on one on Saturday night. I had to get the Vikings flag on this one for Army of Dad. He was stoked Monday night when his Vikes beat the Saints. Now, I have to say my mojo was working on Friday night. It was that or the Texas tank top. I'll go with mojo, but BFF was playing Vanna White to my chest as we passed the balconies. She got pelted with beads a few times as the boys chunked beads at us in an effort to get us to unleash the girls, but alas, their efforts were in vain and all they got was the existing cleavage. Not long after this, we saw some blondes on a balcony and they were flashing for some guys on the street. But, what I didn't get was that the dumb girl threw beads to the guys instead of having the beads thrown to them. I turned around and asked BFF if that was odd when some old lesbian nearby said, "Well, she is blonde!" I almost fell down laughing.

The street jester guy was pretty funny, too. I handed BFF the camera and asked her to snap a shot while I bent over getting my boobs as close to his hand as possible without putting it in there. He appreciated it. Then, I convinced her to go do the same with her butt (we have joked since high school that if we could take her butt and my chest, we'd have the perfectly built woman). The guy didn't even ask for a tip after that. He said the proximity to her butt was enough.

Then, there was the disturbing Quagmire drawn on the bathroom door. I sat down to take care of business and Giggity dude is eye level to me. I cracked up (which is disturbing to people - to hear you laughing from a bathroom stall.)

Goofy gal had to have a boa. I was taking a picture of her when she struck a pose. I laughed out loud.
And, finally, what everyone has been waiting for. Drunk pictures. I'm not sure what gives it away most. The big Jester frozen margarita in her hand, the boa or the glassy-eyed look.
Me? Its the fact that I took my glasses off. You don't need 'em to see when everything is fuzzy from booze anyway. The big goofy smile may be the dead giveaway. Oh yeah, and the straw from the delicious Jester frozen banana dacquiri is not far from my mouth!!!