Army of Mom

So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


Bittersweet goodbyes

Well, it is over and done.

Probably the single biggest project I'll ever work on in my life. I hope it isn't, but it very well could be. The $2.7 billion capital development program at one of the world's largest airports. I still can't believe I was able to be an integral part of it.

Now, it is over.

I'm both happy and sad. It feels good to be part of a team and to be part of such a historic team is even more incredible. As much as I hated the job at times, I'm going to miss it terribly. And, I'm going to move on to the next challenge with the same intensity as I approached the last.

As much as I hate change, it is almost always incredibly good for me. Sort of like taking medicine that tastes crappy. Sucks while you do it, but it makes you better. Yeah, that is what it is like. So, I'm going to take my medicine and wait for the good effects.

Stop whacking or hacking

Just made myself giggle.

Yahoo email ad says: Stop Wifi Hackers

But, I just glanced and I thought it said: Stop Hifi Whackers


God, grant me the "Serenity"

Scifi and hot guys ... what more could I want? A plot will be good, but not necessary. I can't wait to see Serenity, which comes out today, but I won't be able to go see it for a while. I will get to see Adam Baldwin at the Dallas Comic Con in a few weeks. *fanning self*

Nathan Fillion and Adam Baldwin. These are my kind of Friday hunks - armed and beefy.

Nathan used to be on one of my ABC soaps that I watched years ago.

Ooh, with a gun ...

That has to be one of the sexiest pictures of a guy that I have ever seen.
Two for one.

More guns.

Even all GQ'ed, he is ruggedly handsome.

Love the tough guy pics.

Stuff portrait Fridays

Ok, since I'll be home starting next week and presumably have more time to blog. I'm going to try (notice I said try) to participate in Random and Odd's Stuff Portrait Fridays.

This week's assignment:
1. Something in your house that isn't where it should be.
2. Something you broke, but kept it.
3. Food that you have in your house that you never eat (or drink)

Ok, for No. 1 .... big pile o' papers that I need to sort through, but are shoved in the corner of my living/office space. They should be in files, trash, etc.

No. 2 - broken penguin paperweight. Ok, just a little tip of wing is broken. I can't bear to toss it.

No. 3 - Club soda left over from my mother-in-law's last visit in November 2002. It is shoved in the back of our pantry.

This could be fun.


Farewell luncheon

Well, one day left and a few folks at the office had a goodbye lunch for me today. Was nice. Visited some with the girls in my department. There are four of us in the communications (PR) part of the project and two of us are leaving Friday.

Here is all of my department and two other friends who came along.

and, here is my goofy friend enjoying The Incredibles on my new in-car DVD player. He was like a little kid with the headphones and remote control.

And, here are the girls back at the office. We talked about sex and marriage this afternoon. Made me realize that AoD and I have a less fucked up marriage than I thought we did. :) We obviously love each other pretty well ... makes me feel bad for the others.

I should have taken my chewing gum out of my mouth. Oh well. I'll miss these gals and working, I think, even as much as I have missed being home.

Best friends

This is Stinkerbelle's best friend at daycare. They are going to miss each other. I didn't realize that 2- and 3-year-olds can establish friendships like this. She sings songs about this little girl when she is at home. It is so sweet.

I wish the other kids in her class were there for this picture, but here are a few of her preschool friends.

Hopefully, she'll make some more good friends at Sunday School. She starts CCD this coming Sunday when I start teaching the fourth grade class.

New pants

Today is my going away luncheon at work and since it is actually a bit chilly today, I put on some new dress pants I bought off ebay. (I was trying to get the exact style of my black pants, which fit me great - but these are a thinner material and the pockets are cut differently. So, they fit, sort of, but not like my other pants). Anyway. They're a nice grey business-suit looking sort of material. I paired them with a pink cardigan with a little button down collar and sleeves. Trying to look cute and professional at the same time.

Trying is the key word.

I feel like my ass looks like one of the following, I can't make up my mind for certain which it is:
A)a vat of cottage cheese that is being shaken under a thin layer of material
B)two pigs fighting under a blanket

Plus, the cardigan sort of gaps and shows some skin now and then when it shouldn't.


Should have stuck with my jeans at this point. I feel so weird.


Out with the old

We bid a less than fond farewell to the aging bare bones model underpowered minivan. It was the first new car that AoD and I bought together. So, it was a bit sad to me.

The Caravan took us to Florida twice, San Antonio on at least three occasions, Houston at least twice, several road trips to Austin and all around the vast state of Texas. It did its duty, but its time had come. Sorry for the fuzzy pic.

And, now our new Kia Sedona with a few bells and whistles. V-6 engine, keyless entry, DVD entertainment system, power windows and locks, rear air conditioning, captains chairs ... just very nice. Army of Dad must love me.

Sorry again for the fuzzy pic. I'll take plenty more, I'm sure. Here is me and the kids about to get in the car.

Of course, it was around 103 today and then started raining for the first time in six weeks right before I go to get my car. It is going to only be 78 for a high tomorrow. I'm stoked. I had to find jeans for the boys to wear. What a nice break.

Online marriage quiz

I love these goofy relationship quizzes that magazines put out there. This one is for "Could Your Marriage Benefit from Counseling."

Ok, I'll bite. We have our ups and downs. We have about three big blow-up arguments a year and we bicker and snipe at each other regularly, but we typically muddle through.

Some of the questons on this quiz have nothing to do with us - sex drives different, he is talking about some chick he works with, etc. There is no applicable answer for us, but the quiz still makes you choose one. So, here is the result. We're still in good shape even with me having to pick out weirdo answers.

Based on on my answers, AoD and I have:
A Normal, Evolving Relationship
You may not be crawling all over each other they way you did when you first met, and you may find that you want more alone time than you did when you were first married, but Love says that most couples experience these kind of shifts. "If you're not reeling with infatuation the way you used to be, or you realize that you want to spend more time alone or with friends or family, that's perfectly normal," she says. Love says that many healthy couples are also troubled by the fact that one person has stronger sexual desire than the other -- an issue that might not crop up until a couple is out of the honeymoon phase. Again, this is normal. And contrary top pop-psychology wisdom, you don't have to exhaustively discuss every conflict that you have -- sometimes dropping it is actually the best course. "Happy couples have just as many unresolved issues as unhappy couples. The question is, do you have a way of moving beyond it? Sweeping it under the rug is perfectly legitimate," she says. However, if you're feeling that the two of you are drifting apart, then it's a good idea to schedule some couple time together. You don't have to be exploring anyone's childhood issues. But a picnic or a bike ride would be nice.

I'm sure AoD is going to say, see, I told you ...

Thib subs

Again, I find myself sitting here with my lower lip and part of my nose tremendously numb. I am having to talk out of the side of my mouth *no wisecracks* till the pins and needles feeling and numbness goes away.


Funny, though, that I'm having some flashback issues. The side of my face that is numb is the same side where I had my cancer as a child. Back then, the tumor caused my face to stretch and when I smiled, it was crooked. Well, this numbness is causing the EXACT SAME LOOK and it is totally creeping me out. I can't wait for this feeling to go away. Found myself doing the silly little humming thing when he was numbing me with the shots. My mom used to hold me and hum out of tune, but it soothed me. I find myself doing the same thing whenever I'm having a medical procedure and AoD isn't there to soothe and reassure me. Mom may have had her demons to fight, but she loved her kids and did what she was capable of to help us get through the rough patches.


For this we need a study?

I could have pointed to my high school football team as exhibit A.


Now here is a resume

I think there are a lot of us with resumes like this one. Question is, will anyone appreciate her hard work? I hope her hubby and kids, too.

I know how hard she works. Starting next week, my life will get both easier and tougher simultaneously. I end this job on Sept. 30. While I won't have the commute anymore, now I'll be on call 24/7 because I'll be working from home.

It will be both a blessing and a curse, trust me. I have lined up two telecommuting jobs. One, I'm not sure exactly what my title will be, but it is essentially a special sections editor/writer for a monthly construction magazine with statewide distribution. The other job is a business writer job for a nationally read real estate news website. Without daycare and gas costs, etc. I will be bringing home more money if these jobs work out. The construction magazine job is on a trial basis. They have to make money and decide if it is worth it to pay me to do this job. So, it is out of my control whether I'll get to keep it. Please say a prayer, do a dance, whatever ... that it works out. With a new car to pay for, I'll need the work.

Anyone need a writer? Will write for food. Ok, maybe for more than food.

Last train ride

The kids were happy and sad tonight as it was their last trip to the airport to ride the Skylink train and play around on the secured side. They were happy to get to go stay up late and play on a school night, but sad that it was the last time they'd ride the train. The same kids who just a few months ago told me they were tired of the airport are now telling me they don't want me to quit my job. *sigh* The grass is always greener, I suppose.

Here they are in front of some of the artwork in Terminal D's south ticketing hall.
Stinkerbelle in the maze. It was FINALLY working. Typically, it wasn't working when I took the kids. They LOVED it. It makes noises and lights up at certain times. It was VERY fun.
All three kids loved running through and causing the responses from the lights and sounds.

Hot Rod got mad because he had to pee and I was making him take a picture.
I love the little fro she has going on. She didn't have her clippies in her hair when I went to pick her up from daycare today.
And, the last train ride. Bittersweet, to say the least.

I hope the kids recognize at some point in their lives the historical significance of this project and that they remember how speical it is/was to be a part of it. I know it is something I'll never forget.

You make my dreams come true

I'm listening to my Daryl Hall John Oates Greatest Hits Rock 'n Soul Part 1 CD while I'm writing and wrapping up my DFW project.

Well, well, well you ... you make my dreams come true!

I love this CD. I feel so old, though. Seems like yesterday and this was put out in 1983.


Went to bed thinking I wanted to dig out this CD today and had weird dreams about Hall and Oates. Dreamed I invited them to play some event and that I was friends with them and we were going to go hang out. Daryl Hall kept playing practical jokes on me and made Hot Rod wear a tuna salad sandwich instead of underwear. I vividly remember watching the child walk up the stairs with sandwich bread stuck to his ass ... it falling off and little pieces of tuna fish crumbling off onto my stairs.

I have the weirdest dreams.


Korean connection

My father-in-law has been working in Korea for the past few months and is leaving to visit the Phillipines and then head back to the states in the next couple of weeks. Here he is with with Korean work buddies. I noticed all the alcohol in front of him - Army of Dad is a chip off the old block.

I'm guessing you can tell which one is Army of Grandpa. ;)

Now, I'm doing my little Korean dance of love because Army of Dad went and signed away a large portion of his monthly take-home pay to buy me a lovely new Kia Sedona. I get to pick it up Wednesday. They are putting a fancy-schmancy DVD entertainment system in it for me. No more white trash version of vehicular entertainment. (that is my little tv/vcr combo that sits on a milk crate and attached to the passenger seat with a bungee cord, but hey, it works to keep the kids happy). Army of Dad calls it frugal. I agree, but it will be nice to have the DVD player. The kids are stoked and were disappointed that we're not getting it till Wednesday.

So, there is our Korean connection. We typically prefer to buy American, but this is a deal we can't beat and the markeplace is beckoning. I'm so excited.


Words to live by

I'm such a mom. I read Family Circle (talking about the magazine, not the comic strip - although I read that one, too. Gotta love "Not me" and "I don't know.")

I love this feature they have called Words to Live By. They pick a topic and find quotes regarding it. For the Oct. 1 issue, it is focused on love and marriage. I picked a couple out that I particularly like.

Love me when I least deserve it, because that's when I really need it. - Swedish Proverb

Don't marry the person you think you can live with; marry only the individual you think you can't live without. - James C. Dobson

Marriage is the alliance of two people, one of whom never remembers birthdays and the other who never forgets them. - Ogden Nash (AoD knows which one of us is which -just ask him when my birthday is)

Marriage is not just a spiritual communion, it is also remembering to take out the trash. - Dr. Joyce Brothers

One of the best hearing aids a man can have is an attentive wife. - Groucho Marx (I have the attentive wife thing down, but not so sure that my attentiveness comes from listening.)

I married the first man I ever kissed. When I tell this to my children, they just about throw up. - Barbara Bush

Why does a woman work 10 years to change a man's habits and then complain that he's not the man she married? - Barbra Streisand

I think they did a good job selecting quotes from people across the gamut. How much farther apart could Dr. James Dobson and Barbra Streisand be on political and social issues? Still, I like the quotes - especially the first one. That one is something I really need.

Mas fotografias de futbol

Many thanks to Uzz for sending the photos of my Pickle. After games, the parents make a "bridge" and have arms up like London Bridge and a hand down for a low five as the boys run through. They go to the other team's side to shake hands with those boys and each team runs through the other team's bridge, too. It is a great way to promote sportsmanship, too.

Here is Pickle running through the bridge.

And, here with his best friend, who is on our arch rival's team.

My new car

I hate shopping for a new car. We spent about two hours at the dealesrship Saturday. Army of Dad spent a total of about four hours there and STILL didn't get all the paperwork done.

But, here is our new car. Hot Rod loves the Crossfire.

Ok, so THAT isn't our new car. But, this second choice was a cool one, too, that is also in Hot Rod's Xbox game.
Ok, so, we're not getting a PT Cruiser either. Ok, fine. so, we're going to buy a Kia Sedona. We can dream, can't we? This isn't our exact car, but it is like what we're looking at.

Eating dirt and pizza

Hot Rod played keeper in the second half of his game Saturday. He held the other team to a shut out in his half, but alas, his team lost 2-1. Our boys just didn't have the oomph they need to be aggressive. No idea why. But, Hot Rod was pushing it as keeper.
Here is a shot of him running out after a stop to throw the ball to a teammate.

Another cute one of him on the job.

Soon after I took these pics, I was gathering up our chairs and snacks when Hot Rod made a stop and fell forward taking a header into the turf. He had a bloody nose and a bloody lip and was picking dirt and grass out of his mouth. But, his dad was proudest that he held on to the ball. Apparently, that is pretty important to these guys.

I couldn't get pics during Pickle's game because we had to leave early for a birthday party. Playing our rivals, whom we tied 1-1. Yuck. That sucked.

Took the two little kids to a big gaming center in the neighboring city. Stinkerbelle slept through the beginning of the party during most of the bowling. Hot Rod was on his way to bowling 100 when he decided to see what the electronic scoring system on the monitors would do if he stepped over the line. Screwed up his score after that.
Check out that form. ;)

After blowing was pizza, cake and gifts.

she was enjoying the cake. It was a fun partya nd the kids were really good. I just wish I had taken the stroller so she could have slept in it instead of in my arms.


Where'd it go?

Well, it looks like we may not even get rain since Rita went easterly.

So, while I'm happy that Texas isn't going to get the beat-down that was forecast, I'm totally bummed that we are not going to get buckets of rain and the cooler temps that would have come with it.


Off to the soccer fields.


Halloween preview

My bargain babies are so thrilled with their Halloween costumes. I went out on a limb and bought costumes that I didn't even know if they'd like and I batted 1000!

About two years ago when Stinkerbelle was a baby, I found a toddler/preschool sized Minnie Mouse costume that looked brand new, still in the package, at the thrift store for 50 cents. So, I bought it thinking I would put it on ebay the next year. Well, the year rolled around I decided to keep the costume for the baby. Now, she is big enough for it and now she doesn't want to take it off. I let her sleep in the dress tonight, but made her take off the ears, belt and tail. She was really digging the tail.

Today I ran by the thrift store after picking up my car from the mechanic and found three costumes. I took a chance on buying two of them. One, I'm not worried about. I picked up a Little Mermaid dress to put up for Stinkerbelle for Christmas. That one will be a given. Her room is now in Little Mermaid stuff, so she'll love it. She has the princess dress up shoes that she plays with all the time, so it will be perfect.

The other two, I wasn't sure about, but the prices were so good, I took a chance. I picked a Star Trek: The Next Generation engineering/security uniform for $5.99!! It is the perfect size for Ensign Pickle, almost too small. I asked him if he'd like to be a Star Trek guy for Halloween and he wrinkled up his nose and said no, until he saw the uniform. Then, he fell in love! Those costumes are $30 anywhere you find them. I also picked up a little yellow M&M costume for Hot Rod. I have a yellow M&M costume that I usually wear and he LOVES M&Ms. I made him an M&Ms baby blanket and it his his favorite blanket. He calls it his candy blanket.

So, I did well and I did it on the cheap. Double whammy! Here is a quick pic I snapped when I got the kids to sit still for five minutes while trying on their costumes tonight. Pickle is stoked at the prsopect of wearing his costume to the comic con next month.


Funny how life works.

Some people may say it is a coincidence or they may say that we were working toward that goal all along, but I call it God's blessings.

Last night, I laid in bed and prayed. This morning, I did it again.

God. Please take these burdens from my shoulders. I am not strong enough to carry them. I know that I am not capable of doing it myself. I need You Lord and I'm giving these troubles to you. Please help me and take care of them.

So, guess what? My car's engine wasn't totally effed like we feared last night. Was the battery that I fried. At the instistence of Army of Dad, my father and the mechanic, I am relenting on trying to keep this 5-year-old 139,000 miles on it heap of junk running any longer. So, now we are talking about a new car. I wanted to pay this one off and drive it as long as possible, but it simply isn't safe to do with little kids. So, I trusted God would help things work.

I get an email from Army of Dad that showed we got about $1,200 back from his cafeteria plan. We were only expecting about $500 at most. So, there is a down payment right there.

God is there for us, we just have to trust Him and let Him handle things. Praise be to God.

Note to self

Never call specialty coffees "frou frou" to a Seattle restauranteur.


While working on a story this afternoon, I asked this guy if they served frou-frou coffee at his cafe and he said "We are in Seattle. Of course we serve a wide variety of coffees. What can I call frou-frou that you do in Dallas?"

By this time, I was in stitches and laughing outloud in what my denstist calls a "contagious laugh." I told the owner that he could make fun of my cowboy boots if he wanted to. I deserved it.

Now I want a cafe mocha. Dammit.

Good timing

I just found the most wonderful, incredible way to brighten up my day.

I emptied out the pockets of my boys' folders this morning and as I was looking through them for important notes to address, permission slips to sign, etc. I found this big piece of yellow construction paper folded up in a haphazard 6-year-old boy style of folding.

On the outside was written: mom

So, I opened it up and this is what I saw:
Mom, best best best best best

Now, I'm sure it was some writing exercies, but boy, it made me grin from ear to ear.

Ok, that helped me perk up some.

Of course, the kids aren't going to think I'm the best tonight. We're going to get flu shots at 4:30. He may take it back after that.

It's raining men

In honor of all the weather watching everyone has been doing, I thought I'd make the hunk of the week a meteorologist.

My favorite is Jim Cantore from the Weather Channel with the Steve Gutenberg look-a-like from our local Fox network a close second. I like watching Cantore covering the storms out in his rain parka getting drenched to the bone as well as his NFL forecasts, too.

I tend to laugh at the weather people for standing out in these storms, but we gotta love 'em for doing it and showing us what is going on out there.

He just looks like a nice guy, too.

Evan Andrews from Fox 4. Doesn't he look like Steve Gutenberg?


Life sucks

I haven't blogged about it earlier because I figure no one wants to hear about the shit in my life. I mean, I know how I feel sometimes about people whining on their blogs. I think, gees, people. Suck it up. There are people with REAL problems out there.

But, my problems are real to me and shitty to me.

Apparently, I'm a dumb broad when it comes to operating a motor vehicle. I didn't notice all the obvious signs that shout YOUR CAR IS FUCKED UP, GO GET IT HELP!!!! I didn't notice the puddle under the car. I didn't notice the car was running hot until the alarm started going off. By that time, apparently, the damage was done. I'm an idiot when it comes to cars. Plain and simple. I feel like I'm doing pretty good that I have the oil changed around every 3,000 miles give or take.

So, now we're out more money and I'm in the doghouse with my husband. He is very detail oriented and doesn't understand how I could let this happen. Doesn't help that my job ends next week and along with it ends my pay.

I'm working on lining up some telecommuting jobs, but pay is spotty and irregular with those sorts of jobs. Today, I also realized that the dentist had two "phases" of dental work for me to have done. I thought they were doing all of it at the same time, so I only made one appointment. I wondered why I only had two fillings and the crown done instead of five fillings. Then, I found the treatment plan and saw it. Fortunately, they got me in for next week, so I can get them done while I still have dental insurance.

I just feel like shit tonight. Have felt this way all day. On the upside, the sick-to-my-stomach feeling helps with my diet. I have been doing really good on it. Cutting back my portions and eliminating the junk and in-between stuff and I am feeling better physically. I hope to do some walking around the neighborhood once I am home all the time and I bet that will help the weight fall off. Whenever I have exercised regularly in the past, I typically an drop up to 20 pounds in a month. That will be good.

I just feel like a crummy wife. I feel like I blew it with the car. I'm overweight. I just don't feel like I do anything well. I guess I feel like more than a crummy wife. I feel like a crummy mother, a crummy friend, a crummy daughter ... I'm having to mooch off my friends to help get rides for my kids, borrow their cars ... I'm so blessed to have the friends that I do. I don't know what I'd do without them.

Just a side note, Wil Wheaton has a post about how much he loves his friends and his wife and how he has been in a funk ... but his entry is titled Life is Good. Irony.

Bank to my tangent, maybe it is stupid, maybe it shows I'm weak, but the whole blog fiasco has really hurt my feelings. I had no intention of pissing off a group of bloggers that I had admired. Now, I'm on their shit list and I have the trolls getting good and nasty with me. I know I should care less, but I'm human and I'm emotional and I don't want to deal with it. Wish I could crawl up in a fetal position until everything is better. I feel the worst for letting Army of Dad down. I love him more than life itself and all I do is disappoint him.

Sorry to be a bummer toinght. I imagine I'll be on an upswing later. God, it has got to look up soon. I've been in a funk for a few weeks now.

Watching the weather

Seems like everyone is glued to the latest weather projections. My mother-in-law, who has been through several hurricanes on Florida's space coast has been fussing at me to make sure we're ready for the weather. We got extra propane for our grill, filled up our little gas can, bought three gallons of drinking water, stocked up on staples and bread, batteries in the flashlight ... we're ready for the weather. Bring it on Rita!

Now, of course, we live up Interstate 35 in North Texas and we're projected to get a helluva storm this weekend. Sort of puts a crimp in some of our plans, but that is ok. We're flexible. I am anxious to see the rain and cooler temps. Not so anxious for any tornados to spin off from the storm, which is a distinct possibility .

If you want to see what our weather looks like, you can check out the local radar. Right now, it is sunny and hot. Ah, yes, fall in Texas. *shaking my head*

Welcome autumn

Of course, here in North Texas, we're welcoming fall with record highs over 100 degrees.

So, it really sucks.

Fall is my favorite season, but it is just the pits when it is so hot that one of the kids' soccer balls exploded in the back end of my minivan this week. I didn't know they could even do that.

So, I'll try to look to the coming days of falling leaves, cooler temperatures and pumpkin patches. Here is Stinkerbelle picking out pumpkins last year.


Ripples on the pond

Ever go to a lake and skip rocks across the top of it? It is one of the little joys of childhood that I think it lost with today's sit-on-their-asses-and-play-video-game-kids. It makes me think I need to take my kids to do that soon.

But, I digress. (Yes, I know, I do a lot of that.)

Seems that my little rock has rippled into another pond. El Capitan of Baboon Pirates reminds me of the kind of boy I was friends with in high school. I never dated these guys. As far as they were concerned, I was one of the guys. I could spit with the best of them, throw a baseball a lot harder than they could and kick a guy's ass. But, don't mess with me or they'll get all over your shit. I was like the best friend's little sister. I was ok to hang out with even though every now and then I'd cry because I didn't get picked first to play ball with the guys. Apparently, he was a bit distressed at me being dissed and spat on and he blogged about it. Now, his friends are going to tease him for taking up for the girl, but I appreciate it.

Big news in Killeen

Lynndie England, made famous for the pics of her pointing to prisoner penises is on trial now at Fort Hood. Makes me miss my reporter days in Killeen. They've had some good stuff to cover lately. Although the town is probably pretty lonely these days with all the soldiers deployed.

Remember when it became a big Internet game to do The Lynndie for snapshots.

More humor found in tragedy

Watching The Soup yesterday and laughed till I almost cried. One of their jokes featured Elmo of Sesame Street as he appeared on Martha Stewart's show. Apparently, a hurricane hits Sesame Street and takes out Big Bird's nest. This was designed to help kids deal with Katrina, etc. Well, on the Martha Stewart show, she talks to Elmo about the tragedy and is asking him how they helped each other and what they learned, etc.

Then, the Soup voiceover has Elmo telling Martha: George Bush hates muppets!

I couldn't help it. I just lost it and laughed out loud. It was too funny.


I missed it last night. The INXS Rockstar final where they picked JD Fortune as their new lead singer to replace Michael Hutchence (who I was in love with as a high school and college girl). INXS was one of my favorite bands (although Kirk Pengilly looks like a dork now with that triangle goatee thing). I think I saw them in concert at least two or three times and they were dynamic each time I saw them. So sad when Michael killed himself, accidentally or on purpose, whichever it was.

But, I digress.

JD is a good looking guy and very very talented. He had a great original song Pretty Vegas. Army of Dad was in the other room and heard it and really liked it without knowing what it was. I think JD is going to make INXS rock in ways it never has before and I'm looking forward to it. He really got the audience into his performances.

I think Marty was the other big contender. Mig has a rock star thing going for him, but I don't think he has the musical talent that Marty or JD has. I think we'll see lots more of Marty and I hope so. He was truly a talent on stage.

This guy doesn't look 31 to me, but he has a great rockstar name, though. JD Fortune.

Can't wait to hear INXS again.

Finding humor in tragedy

Hurricane Rita is now a category 4 and heading toward the Texas gulf coast. Looks like the storm may be big and strong enough to make it all the way into the Dallas-Fort Worth area sometime Saturday. Will be nice to get the rain, but could do without the storm and without the ferocity it will unload on my fellow statesmen on the coast. Hopefully, after Katrina, folks will heed the warnings and hit the road - the one and only road out of Galveston, which was damaged severely in a storm a year or two ago. It can be bad.

But, the humor part is coming up.

Hot Rod loves weather and likes to see what is going on with it, so I was letting him watch the news with me this morning to learn about Hurricane Rita. So, after the weather, the local Fox channel goes into how the weather is going to impact sports and the dude was talking about the A&M-TSU game this weekend. The Aggies are considering options to avoid Hurricane Rita complications in their game Saturday against Texas State University. Apparently, after watching the Aggies trounce SMU last Saturday, my son is a *gasp* Aggies fan. I may weep soon.

Well, I'm listening to the news from the kitchen as I'm packing up the boys' lunches and Hot Rod comes running in with this news flash:

Hot Rod: Mom, Mom! ATM is thinking about canceling their football game because of the hurricane!
AoM: *looking quizzical before the A&M logo appears in my mind* Baby, *stifling laughter* That is Texas A&M not ATM. They're Aggies, they put the big T in the middle to represent Texas and the A and M on each side of it. They just go by A&M or Texas A&M. Not ATM.
Hot Rod: *looking at me strangely before beebopping back to the news*

Just an example ... I can see how that would mislead a 6-year-old.

Was too funny. That stuff doesn't happen with Baylor. We're just plain old BU. Wait, that phonetically spells boo. That's not good. Scrub that. We're just plain old Baylor. Yeah, that's it.

Sic' em, Bears! I have to indoctrinate this child with a new university. I may not be able to survive if he becomes an Aggie. *shuddering* I think I need to shower.


My nose is numb

This doctor did a great job of making sure I was numbed up today. As a matter of fact, the lower part of my right eye and my right nostril are STILL numb.

During the procedure, I had visions of the Bill Cosby skit of him talking about being at the dentist and the smoke coming out of his mouth. My dentist did the shaking-jiggling thing as he numbed me up. He re-numbed me later in the procedure and I didn't expect it and wondered, briefly, if he was suffering from palsy. But, I figured it out. *whew*

I do have a newfound sympathy for my mother after she had her stroke. I can't speak clearly and I can feel (as much as I can feel right now) that my lip is dangling there out of my control. It is a very helpless and frustrating feeling.

I also can't say the word "filter" right now. Comes out totally screwed up. I imagine this will only get worse - painwise - as the numbness wears off.

Calling time out

Not sure if it is my numb upper lip from the dental visit or the fact that I keep drooling my drink down my shirt, but I'm not so happy with all of the stuff going on with the blog right now.

I never intended to piss anyone off. I never intended for any of this to happen. I was simply voicing my disappointment that my emails were never returned. I'm truly sorry I ever emailed and asked to be considered a part of that email group.

I don't always blog about goofy things. Sometimes I do blog about things with meaning. Lately, though, I have had neither the time nor the energy to devote to lengthy political diatribes.

And, I'm sorry if my feelings were hurt and I acted childishly. There is a point made there. Yeah, my feelings were a bit hurt. I don't think anyone likes to be ignored. *shrug* My bad. So, I'm an amateur blogger (I believe that is what I was called) ... I never claimed to be anything but that. And, no, I don't really link to any of those blogs and there is a reason for that. I took down the few links I had to the cotillion bloggers after the flame war began.

Thank goodness my upper lip is numb. It helps.

Note to everyone on both sides - let this go. I have closed comments. If you go to another entry and try to start it there, those comments will be closed, too. I don't have the energy to be slammed for making one comment.

Insult to injury

I don't know what to blog about today. I'm tired, having awoken at 5 a.m. to do a scheduled a phone interview and the source wasn't there adding insult to injury. Now, I did call back about 5:45 a.m. and caught the guy, so I'm glad I didn't try to go back to sleep.

I'm still sort of weirded out about the whole non-intended blog war. I get myself into trouble like this all the time in the various facets of my life. I say something in passing and it comes back to totally bite me on the butt. I feel sort of bad for some of these uptight anonymous commenters. I really do. These gals are probably the same ones who elbow their husbands when they catch their heads turn at the sight of a hot blonde walking by. And, before you say anything, unless he's gay - he is looking. I'm sorry. I am a people-watcher and I see men do it all the time when their wives aren't looking. So, don't tell me your husband doesn't do it. He does. He may just be slick enough that you don't catch him. I don't see it as disrespect. It is a healthy appreciation for beauty and it is the way people are wired. Sorry, got off on a tangent there from lack of sleep.

I have to go to the dentist this morning. I will have my first (and hopefully last) root canal. I'll also have some fillings, too. I guess I shouldn't be surprised after not seeing a dentist for almost four years. We haven't had dental insurance in that span of time. I got it again with this job, so we're taking full advantage of that benefit. We sucked it up to take the children to the dentist, but let ourselves go without it. It will suck, but I guess it will protect my teeth. I'll try not to wait another four years for a return visit.

Been too busy to read all the blogs I like to read, but sneaked over to Wil Wheaton's blog and found this interesting tidbit about the Lake Woebegone writer suing some conservative Minnesotan bloggers for using his image on a shirt. Now, Wil is a political lefty, but he even thinks it is bad form. Protected speech and all.

and, just for fun, from Wil's blog. I missed this Family Guy episode.

For those of you who don't like me, take pleasure in knowing I'll be in the dentist's chair shortly.


They call ME unsophisticated

Calling a truce.

*waving the white flag*

Ok, I will stipulate to the following:

I do blog about using the potty.
I do blog about hunky guys and have a "hottie of the day" and a hunk of the week every Friday.
I do blog about many unspeakable things.

And, guess what? I don't want to be in the blog snobs club anymore. Yes, yes, they are WAY more sophisticated than to post sex entries. (I actually think this link is funny, but a little below the Cotillion standards, wouldn't one say?) That is fine. I have my audience (apparently a larger one than them - see the score.) Sorry to my readers that I am so low brow. I hope you don't lose IQ points or lust in your heart. I find it hard to believe that none of these holier than thou commenters never look at a man and think "wow, he's hot" and I'm sure none of them read while on the toilet.

Ok, I'm rude and crude. Acknowledged. But, a simple email response was all I had asked for. *shrug* I would think ones so worldly and sophisticated would have been taught better than that.

P.S. If you are just going to be rude to me and my friends in the comments, you will be deleted. I find it odd that I'm the one being called unsophisticated, yet the defenders of the genteel resort to name calling and ridicule. Now, THAT is classy. And, according to some, that is a REALLY big insult for someone like me to be calling someone else rude. If you think I'm that awful, don't waste the keystrokes commenting. Just head back to the blog snobs.

Let's look at the score:
me vs. them

Blog war over.

Wisdom from the throne

What a way to start the work week!

I never have time to read my magazines except when I'm doing, well, other "business." So, all my mags are on the back of the toilet. Took a moment to read an article in my Parenting magazine about how to "do one thing at once" and curb your stress (something of which I've had multitudes lately.)

And, I found this:

"The more pressing danger of habitual multitasking lies in the way it seems to chip away at your spirit, leaving you feeling drained, dissatisfied, and that you're not doing anything particularly well."

That ABSOLUTELY sums up how I feel most days. I don't feel like I do ANYTHING well at all because nothing gets my full attention. I think knowing that this harried way of living will slow down some in two weeks is making it worse. I now have short-timer's disease at work. *sigh*

But, it is sort of comforting knowing that it isn't just me who suffers from the multitasking disease. Off to wake children, make breakfast, pack lunches, etc.

Wait a minute ... I didn't learn anything from that article. Or maybe I did ... the dustbunnies got their last minute stay of execution.


I love my ass

My sister-in-law sent this to me:

Womens 'Ass Size' Study

There is a new study out about women and how they feel about their asses. I thought the results were pretty interesting:

85% of women think their ass is too big...
10% of women think their ass is too little...

The other 5% say that they don't care: they love him, he's a good man, and they would have married him anyway.

I cracked up. I love you Army of Dad. Sorry for the bad joke.

I hate being left out

I have bitten my tongue about this. I don't like sour grapes and I have it when people can't let things go. But, that is so me.

There is this lovely website of conservative (mostly Southern) women bloggers who are part of The Cotillion which features the description "Hub site to The Cotillion, a group of some of the best and brightest bloggers around!"

I have emailed these webmistresses at least two or three times each to ask for consideration to be a part of the group. Nothing but crickets chirping. They can't even email me back to say 'you suck AoM.' I just want an answer that tells me why I can't be part of their clique. Update: ppphtphtphpttt!

Now, I'm pretty much at the point that I don't want to be a part of it anymore. But, it sort of sucks to feel like this. I don't know why I care, but I guess I do look to my blog as some sort of validation that I'm a decent writer, a person with a remotely interesting life and someone with something to say every now and then.

I think some of this is coming about because I've been overwhelmed with all of my responsibilities and not any "alone" time with Army of Dad. Soon, I just keep telling myself. Soon.

Taking Stinkerbelle to the doctor in the morning. She is having some weirdass reaction on the inside of her elbows. It is like elephant skin now. I hope it is something simply fixed. Bless her heart. Doesn't seem to bother her, but bugs the hell out of me. Update: Doc said she has eczema.


RIP: for now

It figures that I finally get a link on Kim DuToit's site and then he takes it down. No idea what is going on, but this guy offers a brief explanation.

Kim, I hope you're back soon. This is for you, my dear sir.