Army of Mom

So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


My All-Star

It hasn't been smooth sailing in the All-Stars unfortunately. Hot Rod made it and has been playing pretty well. The deck is stacked against us, though, as our team has payers from the No. 3, 5 and 6 teams and the other has players from the No. 1, 2 and 4 teams. Oddly enough, we are 0-3. None of the games have been out of hand, luckily, but our best chances to win seem to get squandered by poor fielding and bad choices by the kiddos. I mean, heck, they're 10 and 11, so what do you expect. Its just very frustrating. Hot Rod was brought in as a reliever last night with 2 outs when a grounder made it through the right side. There was a runner on 3rd, but we had two outs. The rightfielder was probably no more than 10-15 feet from the first baseman and would've had the runner beat by six steps had he just gone for the third out. Instead, he wails back and goes for home, where the kid was safe and then the parade of poor fielding started. *sigh* Poor Hot Rod. He did go 2 for 2 at the plate with a run scored. In the first game he earned two walks and scored two runs. In the second game, he was 0-2, but had an RBI. But, its just exciting from him to get here for his first time. We've felt like he deserved it twice before, but hey, what can you do? He's here now and we're making the most out of it. I just hope we can win the next game so he can get a few more games in. If we lose Thursday, its all over.

Get over it

There are moments when I want to scream to the heavens because of all the PC bullshit in the world. I think that's why people love the comedy of Ralphie May and Kathy Griffin (among many many others). Those comedians just say it like it is and like many of us wish we could simply say without anyone accusing us of some malice or ill intent.

My FT job involves writing for a business publication, but with a snarkier side to it. I also try to take casual pictures of executives to go with the story. It gives them a more relaxed (and real) posture. For a recent story, this big exec asked if he could bring out the good-looking gals to be in the picture with him. Then, he kept making jokes about them being the amenities in this building, etc. So, I made a similiar comment in the text of the story.

And, I guess I should've seen it coming, but some 57-year-old female attorney in Dallas got her granny panties in a wad over the comment. Listen lady, Gloria Steinem had her time, but we're past that now. You can stop burning your bras and accept that a woman can be hot and smart and successful in her business. None of those three or mutually exclusive. So, even if I don't point it out, the guys are gonna check 'em out and notice. So, really? This is what you have to complain about in the world? Your life must be pretty awesome when this is offensive enough to you to hop on your keyboard to shoot that nasty email over (not to the reporter who wrote the story or even to the editor who let it get through, but to the ad salesman. Classy. What are you going to do, threaten not to advertise with us if we keep photographing attractive young women that make you feel shriveled up?)

Yeah, MY life is that good that this is irritating the hell out of me. And, I'm sure there are some feminazis out there who will give me a good tongue lashing (ok, stop with the womyn, lesbian and NOW/NAG jokes) over my opinions here. I'm just not so uptight that I think men are going to ignore the fact that a woman is attractive and what is the harm in mentioning it as part of the humor in the article?

Get a grip and loosen up your girdle, lady. Here's a fire extinguisher to put out your bra.


Happy 53rd Anniversary

Today is my parents' 53rd wedding anniversary. Hard to imagine these two have been tormenting each other all this time. :) Here's to many more years together.


Happy Father's Day

I'm truly blessed to have many wonderful fathers in my life. My husband is one of the most involved dads I know when it comes to his children. This was three years ago when his dad came to visit and Grandpa got out and helped coach Hot Rod's baseball team at this game. How cool is that for a kiddo?

And, then there is my daddy. I don't think I could have had a better dad. And, my children are certainly blessed to have him in their lives. He is the reason I wanted Pickle. Dad had a scare and wound up with angioplasty. That sort of pushed me into motherhood. All I could think was that I wanted my children to know this wonderful man. So, it was that moment in time that made me want children for the very first time.
My daddy was always coaching my softball team and I know my kids will always remember Army of Dad and all he does for them. They are such truly wonderful memories. I chose well. My mom tells me often (in both good and bad moments) how much Army of Dad reminds her of my daddy. I think that's high praise.
And, then, there's Uzz. He and his son have a bond that I'm truly jealous of. I'm not sure they couldn't be better friends.

Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful men in my life. And, happy day to all the dads in the world.



It was just a couple of weeks ago I was whining about needing to lose weight. Well, I've lost five pounds. So, that is at least a start. No exercising has commenced lately. But, stress and some efforts to avoid lots of junky food and snacks have helped.

Only 58 pounds left to go. *sigh*

14 vs. 41

I have been told by more than one person that, on the inside, I am really a 14-year-old girl and not a 41-year-old suburban mini-van driving baseball mom.

So, I was thinking, what exactly are the facts for each side? Am I really more like a teenage girl or am I a middle-aged VH1-loving woman that no one calls Miss anymore?

So, lets examine the evidence as to why I could be considered a teenager:
1. Look at my last post.
2. Team Jacob. Duh?
3. I know who Franz Ferdinand is and I like 'em.
4. It is so unfair that I don't have an Ipod or Iphone. All my friends have them!
5. Jonas Brothers? Oh yeah, I'd do all three of 'em.
6. I can kick your ass at the cha cha slide.
7. I like Lady Gaga's music.
8. I considered Drop It Low for my ring tone.
9. I am still reading the Percy Jackson book series.
10. Dylan and Cole Sprouse? Oh yeah, the Suite Life rulez!

Why I'm considered an old fart:
1. Ear gauges? All I can think is National Geographic.
2. Justin Bieber. Who?
3. Pants worn low with undies sticking out the top? Pull up your pants!
4. I have no pictures of me with my tongue hanging out.
5. No ambitions of getting anything pierced other than my earlobes.
6. I thought a rook was a chess piece.
7. Prefer Adam Sandler's "Red Hooded Sweatshirt" over Adam Samburg's "I threw it on the Ground"
8. Tramp stamp: Just say no.
9. I would rather gouge out my eyes than walk around the mall on a Saturday afternoon.
10. I would rather take a nap than go out somedays.

So, what's the verdict?


All of these things are just like the others

I'm sensing a trend here. Let me post some pictures and see if anyone else notices what catches my fancy. What do Ed Speelers (Eragon), William Moseley (Peter in the Chronicles of Narnia) and former UNT Mean Green fan favorite Collin Mangrum all have in common? Yeah, the tousled blond hair and big, full, luscious, pouty (wait, what was I saying? I got distracted) oh yeah, lips.
I'm listening to Eragon on audiobook while driving around and it conjured up images of the tasty (and now legal) Ed Speelers and that got me to thinking about the very handsome (and also now legal) Peter from the Chronicles of Narnia, which then led me to Collin Mangrum. *sigh* I won't be seeing him this fall since he's transferring to SMU, but I do foresee some red, white and blue Mustang gear and games penciled in on my daytimer.

Yeah, so sad to see the cute boy go, but what can you do? I guess I'll have to ogle other fellas. What I find really amusing here is that I almost exclusively dated dark-haired guys. I never dated blond boys. Ok, I take that back, I dated a few, but it just never meshed well for whatever reason. Maybe thats why they catch my fancy now. It is that whole never had it thing. Alas ...


Happy Birthday, Honey

Hard to believe I've been lucky enough to keep this guy around. Today, my honey turns 34. Thanks for being my husband and best buddy. I love you. Happy Birthday.


I'll take a third-grader for 63, Alex

I think I have found my muse when it comes to blogging again. I just realized that I have gained the average 9-year-old's body weight since I discovered I was pregnant 16 years ago. It all comes to a stop. Now.

And, you guys all get to watch me struggle with it. This should be funny. (notice I didn't say fun)

So, now I have to figure out just how I'm going to start exercising again. There is a boxing program in town that is intersting to me. There's Jazzercise and water aerobics. I could start taking the dogs for walks daily.

Hmm. Here goes the wild ride, Mr. Toad.