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So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


Stay tuned ...

You may soon be seeing me on ABC's TV show "Wife Swap."

No shit.


I got this cryptic email Wednesday telling me that some TV show is looking for "interesting moms (check) with outgoing personalities (check) and adorable children (triple check, you've seen my kids!)" for a TV show and asked me if I would be interested. I laughed out loud. I turned and told Army of Dad and we agreed that someone was playing a very funny joke on me to see what I'd do. I decided to address it as such and play along.

I got a call today from two different reps from ABC's Wife Swap to see if I'd be interested in being on the show. My dears, this is freaking my shit. I will no longer be anonymous if I do the show. I will also have to be away from my hubby (and THOSE benefits because it isn't THAT kind of swap) as well as my children as well as my house and all those comforts.

Anyway. A casting associate found my blog and thought I might be an ideal candidate for the show. I did a brief phone interview with her, then the casting producer called and we did a phoner, too.

Later, she emailed me some questionnaires and I have to make a videotape. I called my best friend and asked if I could borrow her videocamera and she said "it depends on what you use it for." Made me laugh because I didn't even think about using it for THAT. But *rubbing my chin* it isn't a bad idea. ;) Anyway. We have a bunch of questions to answer on camera and this will be a challenge. We are having introspective moments here going over the questions. This could be good for us on many levels. My best friend was beside her self when I told her about this. "YOU are perfect for this show!!!" she beamed through the phone. She just couldn't hardly contain herself because she kept telling me how good I'd be for this show because I speak my mind.

ABC is still looking for families and they do financially compensate the participants for their troubles. If you want to fill out an application and we can swap (ha ha) go here. How many of you women want to come live with Army of Dad for a week or two? What about with my beautiful children? ALL THREE OF THEM!!!!

I'll keep you all posted on the progress. This could be good. We could use that money to pay off some bills, especially since I'm going to be wrapping up my project soon. So, I'll be working on the video and questions over the long weekend. So many things to answer from what are the worse things about being a parent in my household to what makes my family interesting. I'm not sure that my family is all that unique and interesting. Are we?

No more borg boob

Hip Hip Hooray!!!

Ding dong the catheter is gone!!!!

I'm so happy, I could do the dance of love again. Although I may look a wee bit weird doing it in my cube at the airport.

It didn't even hurt a bit!!! The doc gave me two quick little shots in my boob near where the catheter was placed and they really didn't hurt that badly. I was envisioning the pain I had when they numbed me for the biopsy last summer. So, the shots were a breeze.

Then, he put a drape over me and asked me if I was ready. I told him I was ready if he thought I was ready. He asked me again if I was ready for him to start. About that time, Army of Dad can no longer contain the big smile on his face and he looks at me and says "Baby, he's already done." Then, he breaks out into laughter, as does the doctor. I laughed in relief.

He was done before he asked me the second time if I was ready. I love this doctor. He talked me through the stitch removal and was really nice. Army of Dad (I hope everyone is sitting down) can be very tender when I need that. Of course, he was joking about lending me his Oakleys so the light over the procedure table wouldn't shine in my eyes, too. But, hey, overall, he's a good guy.

Didn't even hurt. I was so excited. It is a wee bit sore from where there is little hole, but I won't even have a big scar, which is good, too. The catheter line was about eight inches long. The doctor showed it to me once he yanked it out of me. Pretty thin.

I'm just crossing my fingers and hoping this is ALL over and done with. I go back to see him in a week and if he tells me I have an infection I'm going to put my fingers in my ears and start chanting "I can't hear you! I can't hear you!"


That Billy Joel song keeps going through my mind this morning. All night I had dreams about this stupid catheter removal this morning. I hate it when I get all worked up like this, but it is my nature to do it.

But, it will all be over by lunch. Thank God.


Kenny Rogers is on my shit list

I hate it when spoiled rotten athletes act like big babies. I was mad at Kenny for busting up his fingers by throwing a fit and hitting a water cooler, but he is a man and men are prone to hit things when they're mad. It is stupid and juvenile, but you sort of expect it from them. Especially those testosterone-laden ones.

But, the latest assholeyness sprung forth today when he attacked a cameraman. I don't think Kenny knows that the camera he was tossing down and kicking costs more than my car. Those TV cameras cost big bucks. I think they're about $15,000 or something like that.

But, I digress. It is just stupid to act that way. It isn't like the paparazzi was catching him and his wife trying to go to mass or something. Give me a break.

Kenny Rogers, I'd like you to meet Oprah Winfrey. I think you to have a few things in common.

Pauly does Denton

I was shocked to see the turnout at the Movie Tavern, but the Edge SUV was there and lots of media, too.

Pauly Shore was about 40 minutes late. I don't think the anticipated Dallas traffic. But, he drove up and the crowd of a few hundred (seriously) got all worked up. He climbed up on his SUV and did a Michael Jackson trial move. Was very funny.

And since he is promoting his new show on TBS, he graciously did interviews with any media that was there. In this case, it was the UNT TV station crew. They asked him why he came to Denton. His response: I didn't have a choice.

At least he was honest. He wasn't malicious about it, just honest.

He looks like a TV star here, don't you think? The Latino dude right behind him had a hat that said Pollywood. Apparently, he is on the show, too.

And, of course, in typical Army of Mom fashion I won something from the Edge SUV. I always win stuff. It is so cool to have my luck in that regard. Just not real lucky healthwise, I suppose. I got Army of Dad an EDGE shirt and a beer opener keychain.

Not a bad way to spend an hour. This place is only a short distance from daycare, so I was able to run over and get the kiddos and meet AoD for dinner. A good evening. We watched Beauty and the Geek and I was so disappointed to see Scarlet be such a bitch. She was just using Chuck to keep from going to the elimination challenge. Bitch. And, Richard is on my last nerve. I think I'd do Chuck. What can I say? I like smart guys.


Being pathetic worked today.

I got the mean old nurse to squeeze me in Thursday at 10:45 a.m. to get the port removed from my chest. She said that the worst part would be the shot to numb it as it hasn't been long enough for the body to start "healing" around the catheter and incorporating it into me. So, I haven't turned completely borg boob.

Resistance isn't futile after all.


Well, this just figures. The regular nurse at my surgeon's office is out. She had told me on Monday that as soon as the ID doctor told me we could take this port out of my chest that she would make sure and fit me in to get it removed. Well, the nurse filling in for her is telling me that we can't do it till TUESFREAKINGDAY!!! I said that isn't acceptable. I want this thing out before it heals over any more and makes it harder to remove. I want this thing out because I'm done with it.

Not that I have any say in it, I don't guess.

I'm so mad I could cry. My happy cry was this morning, now my sad cry is back. I just want this out and I want this over with. It is embarrassing to have this thing hanging out of my chest. It is uncomfortable and I want it over with. I called the plastic surgeon's office to see if they could run interference for me and haven't heard back from anyone. I just called and left another message for the surgeon's nurse saying I'd be okay with any of the surgeons in the practice taking it out, I just want it out. I hate not being able to plan and know. I hated not knowing how much longer I'd have to do this and then I thought I had an answer. Now, I have to wait again. I'm so mad.

Unlimited resources

If I had lots of disposable income, I would:

buy myself some New Balance tinney shoes
get a Kimber pistol for me
buy and plant some hot pink crepe myrtles in the front yard
get new glasses and contacts
get my cavities filled and capped
get a new fence for our back yard
get a new kitchen and dining room floor
get a new stove

If I could do all those things AND some stuff for AoD, I'd treat him to:
a new truck
a new boat
a bullet maker - ammo thingee
a new gun
a fishing trip on the Gulf of Mexico
a race car driving lesson at Texas Motor Speedway
a sky-diving class and dives

Support the military

According to an article in my local paper:
The Pentagon has set up a website for people looking for ways to show their support for U.S. troops - and to show the troops what people at home are doing on their behalf.

The site, Americal Supports You, offers news and other information about military men and women and provides forums for well-wishers to send them messages of encouragement.

I thought everyone might like to check this site out. I will list it among my links.

Great bumper sticker

I saw this today on the way to work and I think I need one:

51 percent sweetheart
49 percent bitch

Don't push it.

One for the baby book

How would you like to have the clipping in your baby book as being Giant Baby Born in Milwaukee. Yikes.

In a half-state of slumber this morning, AoD mentioned this to me ... but I forgot until I saw this story. So glad I'm not carrying any more younguns in my tummy. My new, flatter, improved tummy. (just had to add that)


There is one of the hottest cowboys on the planet in my office building and when he smiles at me I get all jittery and incapable of speaking.

I was warming up my lunch in the microwave and when I turned to carry it back to my desk some guy was about to walk right into me, so I dodged him and found myself about four inches away from cute cowboy. He smiled at me and I thought I was going to die right there on the spot. I fumbled out a Hello, sorry and walked away hurriedly.

What is wrong with me?

So wrong

Seldom do I have much sympathy for superstars, but this gal got screwed over royally. The author of the book that turned into a movie "How Stella Got Her Groove Back" was semi-autobiographical about the hot young man she picked up at a Jamaican resort. It was life-affirming, etc. to HER. After about six years of marriage, asshole guy reveals to her that he is gay. And, he WANTS her to support him and set aside a pre-nup. Please. Jerk. You knew you were gay when you married her. You deceived her all this time and you want her to maintain your lifestyle. No sir. No way. I hope the judge tosses this turd in the crapper.

But, Oprah is pissing me off and I usually like her. Aside from suing the beef industry, which was REALLY bad, I have always liked her. Till now. Oprah is whining because a store wouldn't let her in after hours to make a purchase. Yeah, it is considerate for employees to open up the store to let in a shopper if it is only five minutes after closing time and you still have customers in the store. But, no one HAS to let you in simply because you are OPRAH FREAKING WINFREY. Get over yourself. Wait till the next morning when the store opens and go buy your stupid jillion dollar watch then. Is it really going to kill you to wait overnight? She and others are whining that she wasn't let in because she's black. Ok, unless these people live under rocks, they KNOW you're Oprah. They just didn't give a rat's ass because they were ready to be off work and wanted to go home or they were working on their special event for the next day (as the company's statement said). Either way, I don't really care. I can remember working at a formalwear store during college and if I was feeling generous and had no other plans, yeah, I'd let someone come in as we were closing, but if I had a hot date, you can better believe that I was running people out as politely as possible at 9 p.m. on the dot. People have lives. Maybe someone needs to clue Oprah in to this. Money doesn't buy you EVERYTHING including time into a business after it closes. Period, end of story.

Great news

No, I didn't just save a fortune on car insurance with Geico.

I just got back from the doctor's office and the doc said I'm done with the vancamiacin therapy!!!!!!

As soon as I can get in to the surgeon's office to have this port removed, I am done!!!

DONE!!! As in no more, over, kaput. DONE!!!!!

*doing the dance of love*

I can get it removed in the office with just a numbing shot. I'm so excited, I cried all the way back to the office because I'm so glad that it is going to be over.

Done, done, hot damn, I'm done!!!!!

Maybe I won't get to see Pauly Shore if I can bribe my surgeon into getting me in this afternoon to remove it. I'll even offer sexual favors. He's already seen my boobs - the port is hanging out of one of them and he examined my abdomen and pronounced it to be looking well ... hmm, maybe, just maybe ... I'll save that one for a have-to situation. But, right now, I'm willing.

The cyborg boob must go!!!!

Hey budddddyyyyyy

Oh, how weird. Pauly Shore is going to be in Denton at the movie tavern this evening to promote his new tv show.

I'm going to see if Army of Dad will let me go sans children. Or maybe I'll take Hot Rod with me. He likes goofy guys.

The Big Day

Stinkerbelle's daycare gal approached me yesterday and suggested that I try in her some big girl panties.


So, here we go.

She is sporting panties that once belonged to little girl next door, who is now 7. Thank goodness that the Disney princesses and Blue's Clues are still in fashion for 2-year-old girls. Saves me a few bucks and we have lots of them to go through.

She has been staying dry all day at preschool and doing ok at home as long as I remind her. Cross your fingers for me.

UPDATE: Mrs. DOF tagged her Bella, I like that. ;) Bella stayed dry ALL DAY today in her "Loo Loo's" underwear. (Blue's Clues for those who don't speak Toddlerese).


I go to the infectious disease doc today to get more supplies and have them check me out and tell me what they think. I am so hoping to get this catheter out on Friday or next Tuesday. Never thought I'd say a three-day weekend sucks, but this time, I'd rather have it be a regular Monday and get this thing out of me. Oh well. I'll keep everyone posted. Thanks for the good thoughts.



Next to my children, this has got to be the greatest thing EVER!!!!

My friend from childhood sent me this link to a new movie coming out this Friday called March of the Penguins. I could die. Hot Rod will love it, too, since he shares my love of penguins. I have got to find a Dallas theater showing it to go see it. It opens this weekend, so I bet we can get to Dallas and find a showing.

How cool??

Not that I'm bitter or anything

There are certain phrases that I have picked up from folks through the years that I have kept in my repertoire of commentary that get ambushed by others and seem less original to me after a while.

You're fired is one I picked up from a guy I was dating before Army of Dad. I have used that one all these years and then the Donald highjacked it from me on that ridiculous show. That sucked.

But, my favorite tag line is one I picked up from my college roommate's ex-husband. While we were in college, he was our favorite dancing partner. He was so cute and could cut a major rug. Never pictured them married and it didn't last, but he left me with a great tagline: Not that I'm bitter or anything. It has served me well.

It is quite appopriate today. Still mad at my boss. I had to go put some receipts on his desk for things I signed for at our symposium last Friday. As I stepped out of his office, I let out this giant sigh (which, if you didn't know, sighing usually is a sign of hidden anger - a counselor once told me this and I sigh like hell all the time, especially when I'm mad, frustrated, etc. and have no way to let it out appropriately). Apparently, this was a GINORMOUS sigh because some guy about 10 feet in front of me in the hallway turned around.

Not that I'm bitter or anything.

One down, two to go

Well, I went to the plastic surgeon Monday morning and he said the incision is healing well and seemed to be very pleased with all of it. I go back to see him again in six weeks. He said the little knots I feel under my incision is where he tied stuff off inside. Of course he said it more technically, but that is what translated in my brain. He said they'll go down in about four months or so.

Here he is, my plastic surgeon. He looks a bit like Brent Spiner (Data from Star Trek: TNG) to me in this picture or Dr. Soong. Never saw it before this picture.

Now, I have the infectious disease doctor to see tomorrow morning and then I'll find out when I can get this catheter out and schedule that with the general surgeon. I'm hoping for this Friday or next Tuesday. Not that I'm looking forward to the actual removal, but I am looking forward to having this over with.

BTK killer

I wrote about the BTK killer briefly back in March. Just tripped me out how someone who appears to be so normal could be so sadistic. This man killed children. He killed mothers in front of their children, he forced a brother to tie up his sister and then killed her and tried to kill him. Then, he'd return home to his wife and kids as if nothing happened.

I found a bit of info about the Otero family killings and this sicko jerked off all over the house after killing these people. This guy is no right in the head. There is/was a website dedicated to catching the BTK killer. A little bit about this jerk is here. From what I've read he was disappointed that he didn't get more national media coverage when he was still killing people.

Just twisted. I'm fascinated by the twisted. Weird.


65 things I hate

Don't know why this came to mind, but seemed like the thing to do to match the mood I'm in today.

1. smoking
2. standing three feet away from a smoker and smelling them
3. litter
4. litterbugs
5. people who drive slow in the fast lane
6. people who don't turn their blinkers off
7. people who flip others off in traffic. Real classy.
8. The Yankees
9. The blog-whose-name-we-don't-mention
10. small-minded people
11. hypocrites
12. liars
13. passive agressive people who act as if they like you, then stab you in the back
14. running out of deoderant
15. bad dreams
16. when the Bears lose to the Longhorns in the bottom of the ninth by one run
17. being forgetful
18. when my kids are sad
19. when my kids are fighting
20. when my brother gets suicidal
21. when my mom doesn't take her medication
22. when Army of Dad is mad at me
23. not having enough money to pay all the bills
24. not getting to spend as much time with my family and friends as I'd like to
25. working on a pretty day
26. when my Internet goes down
27. when the catheter in my chest hurts
28. potholes
29. The Oakland Raiders
30. teams changing their cities as often as Paris Hilton sucks dudes off on video
31. the fact that the Army doesn't pay its soldiers more
33. the hockey strike
34. not being able to soak in a hot bath
35. yeast infections
36. women who let their flabby arms blow in the wind
37. shark attacks at the beach
38. people who leave their babies or animals in hot cars
39. people who sneak up behind me
40. that smell in the kitchen when a sippy cup of milk is left out for a few days
41. Coachway Inn in Luling, Texas
42. the cost of taking my family to a Rangers game
43. T.O.
44. getting stuck watching Blackhawk Down, Starship Troopers or The Godfather when AoD has the remote control
45. cold french fries
46. $7.50 movie tickets
47. brown recluse spiders
48. the not-really-whistling-but-blowing-air-out-of-his-nose-sound being made by the guy in the next cube over
49. Robin Ventura
50. missing my favorite TV shows
51. Mike Tyson
52. weeds in my garden and yard
53. priests (or anyone, for that matter) who molest kids
54. bad breath
55. taxes
56. mosquito bites
57. cold baths
58. mopping
59. the smell of tuna fish
60. that Richard dork on Beauty and The Geek
61. when my tinney shoes (sneakers to you yankees) get worn out
62. making mistakes
63. the toothpaste residue my kids leave in the sink
64. getting up early in the mornings
65. people who bitch too much and make lists of things they hate

Running low on motivation

Nothing like dropping off the 6-year-old at camp and having him run after you into the parking lot *Lost in Space Robot waving arms with the Danger Will Robinson Danger thing going off in my head* to make you not want to go to work.

Sweetness was crying so hard he couldn't spit out what he was trying to say. I thought someone must have smacked him or been mean to him the moment he walked in the door. Nope.

"Mommy, don't go back to work. Please stay and go swimming with me today!"

Oohh. Pull the knife out of my heart now, child.


Like the whole boss thinking my surgery is a vacation thing isn't enough to make me not want to return to work.

*double sigh*

Check up

On my way to the plastic surgeon's office for a follow-up. I go back to the infectious disease doctor on Wednesday. Hopefully, I can schedule an appointment next week to get this godforsaken catheter removed and get on with my life.

Cross your fingers for me.

Work can be fun

I was asked to make an appearance at the airport's big public shindig Saturday showcasing the new terminal. So, I loaded up the family and grudgingly went thinking I'd have to work. Not the case. I was able to go and enjoy myself and the kids had a ball.

It had a carnival type atmosphere and lots of information booths with give-aways, too. There were performers all over from impersonators to robots to Nigerian drumming dancers. The kids really enjoyed all the performers.

Here, Army of Dad and Hot Rod are making a wish on part of the art program: a wishbone sculpture.

Here, Hot Rod explores one of the other sculptures.

The whole family minus Pickle.

Dr. Evil and Pure Evil (as both my ex and my current husband call me!) The terminal cost $1.7 billion!

Lost child. More than a state of mind, apparently.

And, saying goodbye to the event and riding the moving walkways to the parking garage.


Army of Dad found this brown recluse in a cooler that we used a few days ago and was sitting out on the counter to be cleaned.


Last night we were brushing our teeth and getting ready for bed when he - quite animatedly - told me to move and move quickly. I looked down and there was a big one scooting right between my feet. Thank God I didn't have my glasses on to see how big it was. Was is the key word. AoD squished that not-so-little effer.

I hate these things. They're hard to kill and despite having an exterminator come to the house quarterly, their little spindly legs don't pick up poison well. He suggested those glue strips, so we're off to Home Depot today to get them and put them out.


San Antonio pics

Finally, here are our pics from the weekend before this one. We have SeaWorld and San Antonio pics. The kids had a great time at SeaWorld. I got comp media tickets, which made it affordable to go. We couldn't have afforded $47 a pop otherwise AND the gas and hotels and food, etc. Of course, we are frugal. We pack a cooler with drinks and sandwich stuff and we eat picnic style for many of our meals. I also pack up snacks for the kiddos, as well. They're really good about eating it and not complaining. That is just how it is.

Here we are when we arrived. Stinkerbelle was just now waking up from a good long nap.

Here is Stinkerbelle with the dolphins.

Army of Dad was thrilled when he learned that SeaWorld has a hospitality area where they give away free beer. He was happy about that. Below are the kids looking out the window while waiting for AoD to drink his beer.

Also in the hospitality building, me and the kids with Junior. Cracked me up at the looks on the kids' faces in this picture. Hot Rod looks like he is shocked that Junior is giving him a Bud. Hey, you can see my IV arm in this picture, too. I had to walk around with a nylon on my arm to keep it covered up and tight against my arm. Was pretty sore, but could have been worse.

Here are the kids near the main entrance. And, yes, that is a light saber on my polite child's hip. Remember, he has a Jedi school if you're interested.

I LOVE this picture. Army of Dad and Stinkerbelle were having fun. Her hair was going wild by this point in the night. We were in front of the penguin house, which was our last stop.

Sunday, we went to the Riverwalk, Hooter's for Father's Day and the Alamo. We didn't have time to do the whole Alamo tour, so we're going to take Hot Rod back again. He was really interested in it.

It was hard to pick only a few photos to post, but here they are. Our whirlwind weekend trip that ended with car problems in Luling *insert HeeHaw SALUTE here*. The kids had a good time, though, so it was all good. I'll have more pics to post, maybe in the morning, from this weekend.

This sucks

I know that what I have is temporary and that it can be treated, but my freaking shoulder and boob hurt. My head feels like it is at the top of a well and is about to explode off. Add to that, I have little to no energy and a constant headache. Thing is, I don't tell anyone this, so shhhh.

I'm quite the trooper most of the time, but right now, I'm feeling like ass. The stupid yeast infection just adds insult to injury. Ok, injury to injury. ;)

Gross factor ... I can feel this catheter in my chest. Grody. Making me itch, still, too.

Finally got my pictures to work again. My blondeness was shining through. Blogger changed the tool bar and it totally messed me up, but I finally figured it out.

OOPS, I posted this before I meant to.

Here is a pic of my post-IV arm taken last week. The picture didn't do it justice.

Here is the catheter.

The actual catheter endee thing hangs down by my nipple. When I'm braless, I look like Chandler Bing with a third nipple. I had to change the bandages yesterday because the little disc you see there was saturated with blood. Gross, huh? Crazy little tidbit that people don't think about - I can't get it wet, so I have to use Glad Press N Seal and put it on my body to keep it dry when I bathe or shower. So frustrating.

My boy the camper

Uzz picked up the boy from camp on Friday. I miss that little bugger.

He got to do lots of fun things like riding horses, going bowling, going swimming, etc. He was also voted the Most Polite Boy Camper. I'm so proud of my sweet boy. Looks like all those beatings paid off and he used his good manners. Kidding. I'm just kidding. We only beat him occasionally. ;) But, it is nice to see our hard work pay off. All three of my kids were saying thank you and please almost as soon as they could talk. People are always amazed, but it is important to me. Looks like it has paid off.


I added a new system a few weeks ago to track where people are finding my blog. One of the results on there today is "army men in their underwear."

I wish I had some army men in their underwear. I have a former-Army man in his underwear. ;) But, no pictures.

The Supreme Idiots

You know the Supreme Court has really pulled something out of their ass when the editorial board of the local paper agrees with me. We are usually on the total opposite sides of the fence when it comes to opinions. The paper's voice here is very liberal and I'm pretty politically conservative.

The Supreme Court's latest disappointment - in a string of disappointing findings lately - finally made me sit up and said WTF?

If you've been sitting on a beach sipping pina coladas, I'll summarize for you. The court ruled that it is okay to use eminent domain to take a person's land for private development. So, if some fat cat with lots of money moves into Denton tomorrow and decides that my neighborhood would be a great location for a high rise building with lots of taxable base, the city could grant him the land and pay us what they consider fair market value and we have to move whether we want to or not. Do you see where this is going? The poor, the old, those without political clout are going to get shit on so some fat bastard can line his pockets with more money and the city council will have more money in its coffers to building another natatorium or some other such "benefit" to the city.

You may have to register to read the editorial, but it is free to do it. But, I found that I tend to agree. What the editorial didn't say is the part that is the scariest to me. Kim du Toit DID say it, though.

This could lead to a revolution. Truly. I don't just say that lightly. I never believed Army of Dad and my other NRA-type friends when they'd tell me about why it is important to be a firearm owners. They would tell me that it is best to have them in case our government ever becomes corrupt or if we were to be invaded by enemies. I would pee-shaw them and shake my head thinking they're kooks who have watched too many movies and associated with that Weaver fella at Ruby Ridge.

However, this REALLY REALLY scares me.

Now, don't get me wrong, I appreciate the amenities our city offers us and we try to utilize them when we can. I appreciate the city wanting to improve our tax base, but not at the expense of private residents losing what they have worked for. I don't want to move. I don't think we could afford this much house anywhere else in the region. But, more than that, I don't CHOOSE to move. You can offer me fair market value and that is fine and good, but if I don't want to sell, I shouldn't have to. What scares me is that this is one of those instances where I can totally see arming myself and telling government agents to back the fuck off. This is my property. I was guaranteed in the constitution that the government couldn't simply walk in and take my property and this is even worse than eminent domain (which can have its purposes for good). This is taking away a person's property so someone can make money. If they want to build that high rise or mall, they have to pay me what I'm willing to sell my property for OR put your development somewhere else.

End of story. Kim du Toit said it and I agree - people will most certainly fight to the death for our land. Someone is going to die over this ruling and it is an unjust ruling. Make no mistake. The only people who think this is a good thing are the government officials and the developers. I weep for our future if we don't get these justices off the bench. I fear for the justices because some nut somewhere is likely to start taking these dipshits out and clear their spots for some reasonable judges.


So many frustrations, so little time.

First off, I can't publish any of my pictures on Blogger right now. So, that really ticks me off. I get this generic email from them that tells me nothing when I ask about it.

Secondly, being on the super heavy duty vancomiacin therapy has given me a yeast infection. Yes indeedy, it was just what I needed. *sigh* So, I called my gynecologist's office and talked to one of his associates and she said that this antibiotic is so fierce that I will likely have to take a second dose of the diflucan, which is a one dose treatment. Lovely. She said it may even return despite two rounds of meds. So, she said to call her back if it persists. It seems that it is always something.

Oh yeah, I forgot about the fact that the brand new tire I got on Wednesday went flat yesterday when we went to pick up the kids from my parents. Flat. Totally flat. Had a big hole in it. $7 to get it patched because we were an hour from the tire place where we bought it. So, I imagine I will be back at the tire store this week. Probably tomorrow.

Lastly, I stumbled upon a note that my boss had written his assistant director and they were joking about needing a vacation and that maybe they should schedule a surgery. Because, you know, this has been so much fun for me. A real party. A laugh riot, no less. Plus, the two weeks I was off work, it wasn't like I was actually resting and recuperating. I was writing an entire book of copy for our gala event. I think there were two days that I didn't work. I am still debating how I'm going to handle this revelation. What hurts my feelings is that I thought my boss was my friend. Apparently not as good a friend as I had thought.

I really wish I could post pictures.



Well, my big event Friday is done and went pretty well. We had about half of what we projected we'd have, but it is done!!!!! Thank God it is over. I was so tired and exhausted last night. Army of Dad came to the airport and I gave him a tour of the new terminal and then we went to eat steak at Hoffbrau. Very tasty.

Today is my last morning sans children. We go to retrieve the kiddos in a little while. I didn't have to work the big airport public events today THANK THE LORD!!! So, we're going to go out to breakfast and then go pick up the kids at take them to the museum for a while.

I'd like to upload pictures, but Blogger is screwed up AGAIN. *sigh*

This is sort of my blog entry about nothing. Doing it while I'm loading myself up with vancamiacin or however you spell it. Hopefully tonight I can blog and upload pics. I have lots to say about the supreme court's recent offense to society and the constitution, a dipshit who let his baby bake to death in the boonies nearby among other things. Uzz got my boy from camp and I have news to post about that, too. Should be good stuff when I get back. For now, I need to wrap up my super-duty drugs, get dressed and go eat. I think that will help.


The shakes

I have been having the shakes and massive headaches since starting the vancamiacin therapy Wednesday evening. Called the nurse at the doctor's office today and she said to slow down the input and that should help.

Doesn't help me for now, though.

Off to my event. Wish me luck.


I haven't been doing much sports posting because I've been so busy with life, but the Spurs won the NBA title last night. Hot Rod was very interested in this because San Antonio had Spurs fever while we were there over the weekend. Horry and Duncan rock. I like this team a lot. They may be one of my faves behind the Mavs. I just love Mark Cuban. My kind of guy.

Then, my poor Baylor Bears were just one game short of going to the Collegiate World Series championship. The dumb old Longhorns beat them in the bottom of the ninth with a walk off homer. Now, I like the dumb old Longhorns when they're the only Texas team in the hunt, but my Bears were fighting and I hated to see them go down. At least the Longhorns are playing Army of Dad's team - the Gators for the championship, too. I'll cheer for the Gators this time.

Nascar has a race in Sonoma this weekend that I hope I get to see, but probably won't because of work.

Two local women are ahead of Annika in the LPGA tourney, so that is cool. Brittany Lang is from McKinney and Angela Stanford is from a Fort Worth suburb and is a TCU alum. Pretty damn cool if you ask me.


I finally got my pics uploaded and now blogger won't let me upload them.

My big conference at the airport is today and then we have another big public event for free tomorrow. So, I'll be busy the next couple of days.

I'm also going to be on TV unless they cut me out. Channel 5 - our local NBC affiliate - is doing a documentary on the new terminal to be aired at 7 p.m. July 18 obviously on Channel 5. I was shot a few times during their shoot. Woo hoo.


My to-do list

The new No. 1 on my to-do list: Christian Bale

Gives a whole new meaning to honey-do's. We went to see Batman Begins tonight at the Movie Tavern. The movie was very, very good and we enjoyed the new venue. Helped that I had a coupon for a free admission that was in the newspaper last week. Yippee.

Welcome to the blogroll

Please welcome MrsDoF to the blogroll. She's been a frequent visitor here and I thought I should return the favor.

I feel badly, but I seldom have time to read my favorite blogs anymore because my time is so short for the fun stuff these days, but I promise when this project ends to visit everyone's blogs again regularly.

It makes me feel very honored that all you kind folks stop by my little corner of the Internet when you have better things to do, too.


American Drumslinger tagged me with a book meme and even though I'm listed in the blogroll next to the blog-whose-name-we-do-not-speak and even though that same effer is on the list of folks invited to participate, I will do it anyway. (pssst, Drumslinger, I'll fill you in on the background of that story in case you don't know.)

Here it goes:
1. Total number of books I own - unknown. I have many on my shelves and even more in boxes and in cabinets, tucked away in suitcases for trips. They're everywhere, but I'm a writer, so I have a good excuse.
2. Last book I bought - The Essential 55 for my boys' teachers for end-of-the-year thank you gifts. I saw the author on Oprah and was very impressed by the response he gets from students. I got a copy of the book for me, too. I need to get it out and read it. He stresses manners and common courtesies that so many people neglect to teach their children.
3. Last book I read - Dancing Barefoot by Wil Wheaton. I got it at a Star Trek con and got him to personalize and autograph it. It was so awesome to meet him. I got all starstruck and felt like a total dork, even though I interviewed him over the phone many moons ago, I still got stupid when I met him. I finally read it while sitting at the doctor's office on Friday while getting IV fluids. VERY GOOD read. I laughed at much of it, cried at other parts. I highly recommend it and have decided to get his other book, Just a Geek, after reading this one.
4. Five books that mean a lot to me. Wow, this is a hard one.
A. My Harry Potter books would be one. I love to escape into Hogwarts and its magical world, so that set would count as one.
B. My Bible and copy of the Catechism would probably count as one. Don't think I really need an explanation here.
C. The children's baby books. Memories upon memories cherished and saved between pages.
D. The Kissing Hand - this is one of Hot Rod's books and it is so precious.
E. I Love You Forever - one of Pickle's books that just rips my heart out. It is all about how much we love our kids and how they are always our babies.
5. Tag five people. Hmm. I think I did this to folks before, so I have to hit up folks I didn't tag before. How about Alli (its at this link already), Cashin, MrsDoF, Army of Dad and Doug at Bogus Gold.


Catheter is in

Well, it is done. I got the groshong (not sure on the spelling) catheter put in today. It actually feels way better than the IV in my arm did, that is for sure. I have a giant bruise left on my arm from that. I've thrown up three times since coming home as a result of the anesthesia. So, that is miserable. I'm really weak, but ok. I had to shower, too, because evidently the vein they put the catheter into can be gusher when they get it good. My hair was full of blood. That was nasty, to say the least. The catheter went in a little opening in my shoulder and actually comes out of my boob. Sort of weird.

I'll take some pictures to show. But, for now, I'm done with it and home. I'll try to blog more about it this week. I'm going to take my meds and go to bed. I'm wiped out. I just pray that I'll stop puking.

Happy Anniversary

My parents are marking 48 years of marriage today.

I love my parents. They take good care of me, still.

Bad carma

My pregnant friend had her alternator die in her car yesterday. She took her hubby's car and the tire blew on it while she was driving.

She, like me, is having bad carma. Get it? Karma? Carma.

Ok, bad joke.

But, I'm going to get my flat tire fixed or repaired and then I'm going to have a catheter inserted in me after lunchtime. Oooh, lunchtime. I'm so hungry. No eating for me till afterwards and I'm aching for some food.

And, just an update on the panniculectomy incision. No oozing any more and the entire incision is finally starting to dry up and scab over, which the nurse at the doctor's office said is a good sign. I hope so.

ADDENDUM: Bad carma extended even further. My best buddy was returning home from a trip to Colorado when an old lady ran a red light and hit their van, totalling it. Thankfully, they're all fine. Just sore, but ok. This is the gal in the train pics with me from last week. Very scary. Very weird, too.

My favorite Wood

I can see Sean Biggerstaff on the big screen again soon.

I'm such a dirty old woman, but according to the article in the link above, I'm not the only mum who lusted over Oliver Wood.

I wonder what he's wearing under that kilt? And, he's 22, so he's legal, by the way.

Harry Potter drawing near

Less than a month now until I can get my next Harry Potter fix. This magazine has a poll to vote for who you think is the likeliest candidate to bite it in the next book, which Rowling has said, will have main characters die.

I really thought Molly Weasley would die in the last book. I thought she'd die protecting Percy (even though he doesn't deserve it the way he's acting these days) or one of the children. So, my bet is still on her, unfortunately. She is one of my favorite characters. I think it must be the maternal instinct in me and she is so protective of her family and those she loves. I think we all wish we had a family like the Weasleys. All of that love and 'who needs money to be happy' sort of thing.

Go vote. I'm curious who it will be. I can't wait to read the next book. I wish, too, that I could see a trailer for the Goblet of Fire, too.

We saw Madagascar on Friday night, by the way. Too funny. I liked it. The lemurs and the Move It, Move It were totally hilarious. I really liked Chris Rock in this, too. I saw a spot on the talk show from the dude from the Man Show. I'm having a totally blonde moment and can't think of his name. But, regardless, he had these "adorable twins" interview Ben Stiller. It was so completely hilarious that my sides ached from laughing so hard. They were little girls who were just normal kids and they couldn't stay on a line of thought or ask questions without giving the answers themselves, it was just a really funny bit. Gees, what is that dude's name? I'm getting irritated now trying to think of it.

Cock a doodle doo

Good thing I got here at 4:50 a.m.

Yes sirree.

Only 5:57 a.m. now and no Fox 4 crew anywhere to be seen.

Good thing indeed.

I didn't need those extra two hours of sleep. No sirree.

I am amazed, though, at the number of people at the office before 6 a.m. Weirdos.


I had to get up at 3:30 a.m. this morning to be at work at 4:50 a.m. for a local morning news show planning to shoot live from the airport this morning. So totally sucks since it is 5:15 and they're not here yet.

I didn't get to sleep till about midnight last night because I worked till almost 8 p.m. and then walked outside and had an almost flat tire. Drove to the nearest gas station and its air pump was broken. Army of Dad came to help me out and we went to the next gas station and he put air in it for me and I drove it home. Then, I was up for a few hours after that doing my IV and eating dinner. Nothing like eating dinner at 10 p.m. Fortunately, AoD made me something, so I could eat while IVing.

I had to get up and shower this morning and then go put more air in the tire to keep it inflated for the commute. I won't have time today to get it fixed or switched either. That sucks. I have to be at the hospital at 12:30 and my catheter insertion surgery is at 2:30. I'm anxious to get the IV out of my arm. Nothing like walking around for six days with a needle stuck in your vein. I don't know what the catheter is going to be like. One nurse said it is sore for a day or two and then you don't really feel it any more. So, hopefully that will be the case. I'll ask the surgeon today what the removal will be like. I'm fearful of that. The removal of the drain grenade that had been in for two weeks was pretty painful because my body was healing around it. If I have to leave this in for two weeks, I'm not sure what it will be like. I've been told I'm awake when they do it. I hope they seriously dope me up before. We'll see.

I wish I could just have this all over with and get back to my regular life. I feel for those folks with chronic health conditions. I would be so bad at being sick.

I think I hear a truck outside, so maybe the camera crew is here and I'll have something to occupy my thoughts other than anticipation about the procedure today. I would love to crawl back in bed and sleep for a day, but no danger of that.


Food for thought - or IVs

Sort of gross to put my antibiotics in the employee fridge between someone's orange juice and someone else's salad dressing.

On a weirder note, one of the payroll guys hands me a copy of "The Good Wife's Guide" supposedly from Housekeeping Monthly May 1955. *rolling my eyes* Contains such tidbits of wisdom as:

Don't greet him with complaints and problems.
Don't complain if he's home late for dinner or even if he stays out all night. Count this as minor compared to what he might have gone through that day.
Listen to him. You may have a dozen important things to tell him, but the moment of his arrival is not the time. Let him talk first - remember, his topics of conversation are more important than yours.

There are more, but these are the ones he highlighted.

Last one,
A good wife always knows her place.

*rolling my eyes AGAIN*

Cliff's Notes version of weekend from hell

The full post will come later.

Go to infectious diseases doctor: find out from him that we can take care of infection. He gets nurse to put IV line in my arm and I have to do vanc therapy myself all weekend. One IV bag in morning and one at night.
Surgery is scheduled for Monday to insert the catheter in my chest
Go to work
Try to get things packed and ready

sleep in late and get on road late
hit the road to San Antonio with children
Hot Rod repeatedly kicks the back of dad's chair in the car, AoD informs me that he doesn't like road trips with children (although he said it more colorfully)
go check in hotel across from the hospitals in San Antonio (feel bad for my pity party with the really sick patients around me)
go to Sea World late - have lots of fun - determine four hours is all the fun that we can stand at theme parks - kids were AWESOME

get up late again
no pool at the hotel dammit
go to the Riverwalk and treat AoD to Hooter's for Father's Day
sit and watch children let ice cream melt on themselves along the river while listening to music
make very brief stop at the Alamo because Hot Rod wanted to see it
drive Pickle to the Boon Docks to drop him off at camp
he beebops off happily with a little apprehension while mom fights back the tears
stop at quickeemart to get air in tires, pee and get snacks
heading home till car loses power
heart stops as realize we have no power steering, no acceleration
Thankfully, AoD was driving and got us into a residential street
local man stops by and offers us his home to get the kids out of the heat
local cop stops
sounds like fuel pump, everyone agrees
wrecker comes, he takes AoD to hotel, cop takes me and kids to hotel
hotel is ok enough for the time being
order pizza and hang out
Call and cancel my surgery for Monday

Wrecker tells us he can't fix it, is towing car to Chevy dealer
Chevy dealer calls, not a fuel pump but a timing belt
Go to hotel owner and ask if we can get a late check-out and explain situation
asshole hotel owner gives us till noon
call the chevy dealer and they send a SUV over and help us load up the cooler, the bags, the kids and take us to their waiting room
chevy dealer folks mortified that Prem the hotel owner was a dick to us, so they go out of their way to be nice
have lunch at Mr. Taco next to the dealer
kids play, annoy AoD, argue a bit (but were REALLY good in the grand scheme of things)
Told that head valves appear to be bent, $3000 to get a new engine to fix it all, may be less, etc, etc.
Plan to rent a car and drive home
Argue with AoD over money
Cry about situation (me, not AoD)
Service guy comes back and says, oops, something on the distributor wasn't connected, looks like hte timing belt did the trick
5:30 p.m. Finally get car and head home
Fight Austin traffic
Drop off kids at Granny and PapPa's at 9:15
Get home about 11ish

Roll out of bed
I'm heading to ID doctor to get more IV drugs
Work ALL freaking day

Surgery set for Wednesday afternoon now.

I promise, I'll write more later .... pictures to post, too.


Stuck in BFE

Lab Kat here, blogging on behalf of Army of Mom.

As you know the AoM family was headed to Seaworld in San Antonio over the weekend. Unfortunately, on the way back today, the vehicle died in what AoM termed "BFE outside of San Antonio." The vehicle has been acting snotty lately and it picked right now to die. I was not privy to all the names it was called, but I'm sure the paint has been peeled back. When I spoke to AoM, it had been towed by some redneck who informed them that it would be really bad if it was the evaporator core because "the last time someone had that problem, we didn't have 'em." Nice. Always good to get reassurance from Bubba. Sometimes you just want to turn around and reply "Why do you even open your mouth except to drink beer and belch?"

This will delay her surgery for the catheter insertion, scheduled for tomorrow. I asked her to call me tomorrow, so I may be providing an update then. Hopefully, it will be AoM herself.

On behalf of her and the entire AoM family, I ask for your good thoughts and prayers through this.

*bimbles back to her own blog*


Hitting the road

We're running late, but we're heading out the door for a quick road trip to San Antonio. We'll go to Sea World this evening and fishing tomorrow and then take Pickle to sleep-away camp tomorrow night between Austin and San Antonio. Uzz and I, of course, are nervous wrecks. Army of Dad thinks he'll fall in love with the outdoors while he is there. Or, at least, that is our hope.

I went to the doctor yesterday - and have LOTS to blog about - but I have what they call a pic (IV) line in my left arm and I started my vanc treatments yesterday morning. I'll do two a day till I go to the hospital Monday and get the catheter in my chest. The nurse wrote down how to spell it, but I don't have it in front of me.

Will try to blog Sunday night when we get back, but no promises. Busy, busy life.


Good news

I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance.

Oops, sorry. Those ads just stick in my mind for some reason. Sort of funny in a really corny way.

No, really. My good news is that the lump in my breast has stayed the same size, so the surgeon is comfortable with having me wait till next summer to have my next mammogram and ultrasound. Yippee!!!

I finally got through today to doctors. It is hell to try to get one, but I have to coordinate all this dancing with three of them: the plastic surgeon, the surgeon and the infectious diseases doctor.

I just feel like wearing gloves and not touching anything in the office of the infectious diseases doctor. Just sounds bad and dirty. Found out today that he typically doesn't see patients on Friday and he is coming in especially to see me tomorrow. That is reassuring and scary all at the same time. He'll talk to me about the treatment, etc.

We're still planning the Sea World trip unless he tells me otherwise.

Monday, at 10 a.m. I'll have my catheter placed. I still can't get a good spelling on it. Something like grochong or something. I don't know.

I'm scared about all of this. I'm scared of more pain, I'm scared of it being really bad. I just want all this to be over and behind me.

I was serious about the good cry, alleve and ice cream helping me feel better. I feel clearer headed right now. Work was stressful, not knowing what was going to happen when was stressful. Hopefully I will have more answers after this appointment in the morning. Took Stinkerbelle to stay with Granny and Papa till we leave for our trip Saturday morning. I'll take Hot Rod and Pickle to see Madagascar Friday night. Should be fun.

Wonderful equation

A good cry + three Alleve + banana pecan frozen yogurt = a more relaxed Army of Mom


I was trying to think of something really positive and upbeat to write today. I've been trying to pump myself up, but I'm still not ready to do that.

I do have wonderful friends, though. I got an email from my high school journalism teacher, who reads my blog. That sort of cracks me up. But, she does. She hasn't critiqued it yet, so that is probably good. My cousin sent me a good email and one of my editor buddies sent me one, too.

They all had a central theme: I'm stronger than this.

They're right and maybe once I get some more information on what is going to happen and I have two more doctors to talk to and question about why this is the best course of treatment, maybe I'll feel a little better about it. I'm just tired of hurting and having to go through this stuff. I'm not big on pain.

I'll have to keep checking out these quotes that I have taped to my computer monitor:
Don't let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do. - John Wooden, the most successful coach in college basketball history.


You will find your strength within you; in places deep inside that you have not yet dared to visit. - Ruth Fishel, who is the cofounder and former director of Serenity, Inc. She now teaches, writes and presents workshops and retreats throughout the country, helping people become whole and healthy using the tools of meditation, affirmations, and visualizations.

Or in the words of Stuart Smalley, I'm Good Enough, I'm Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like Me!


Ragtime blues

I kept waiting for the third bad thing to happen today. The first two happened within a short time frame. The third occurred tonight about 9 p.m. when I started my period. It is a few days late, but this has been a stressful week.

Was going to the doctor today for a follow-up. After the seroma burst open about 10 days ago, we were checking up to see the results of the cultures testing for infections and just to check my general progress. As was the case last week, the doctor wasn't in. He was delayed with surgery and while I like to know that he takes his time, I really needed him today. The nurse sits me down and informs me the doctor is delayed and she'll let me know how much longer. Once she realizes that he is going to be a few hours down the road, she comes in and informs me of my lab results which just came in today. I have enterococcus something (sounded like species) group D strain of infection. Evidently this isn't very common and it is pretty strong. The standard course of therapy is penicillian or vancomycin IV therapy. Since I'm allergic to penicillian, the vancomycin it will be. I found this story about antibiotics, which touches on the vancomycin IV therapy that I'll be undergoing. This paragraph from the Mayo Clinic article is sort of scary:

For years, the potent intravenous antibiotic vancomycin (Vancocin) provided a reliable last defense against some infections, notably those caused by staphylococcus and enterococcus bacteria. But in recent years, some superbugs have even figured out how to resist vancomycin. A strain of vancomycin-resistant enterococci (VRE) first appeared in the late 1980s and has thrived ever since. Scientists worry that VRE not only will continue to multiply but will share its genetic secrets for survival with other bacteria.


So, then, the nurse goes on to tell me that this stuff is so strong that giving it to someone in full IV is bad. I haven't found out why and didn't think to ask. When the nurse says "It is too strong for full IVs" it doesn't really matter to me why. Bad is not what I want to hear right now. So, the decision is that I will have a catheter inserted into my chest for the medicine to be given to me that way sort of like a chemo patient would do. The nurse seems surprised that I know so much about what she is telling me. Being a childhood cancer patient teaches you more than you ever wanted to know about methods of treatment and procedures.

She tells me the doctor is still behind and seeing patients, but that he'll call me tonight and talk to me. He really is a nice guy. He called this evening and told me that I'll go see an infectious diseases doctor on Friday. I need to call that doctor in the morning and make the appointment. My plastic surgeon is going to call the surgeon I'm seeing for the lump in my left breast and then his office will call me about scheduling the procedure to insert the catheter into my chest. Thank God, I'll be put under anesthesia for this. I'm not sure if it will be outpatient or not. I was just happy to know that I wouldn't be awake for it.

I asked the doctor if this infection could be the result of the infection we were trying to get rid of by cutting out the c-section scar and that loose skin and fat. He said, maybe. Apparently, some people have bacteria that live in them and never cause a problem until something like the surgery happens and they find a weak spot and colonize. But, he assured me that we would kill this infection and I'd be good as new. I only wish I had his confidence. He said the infectious diseases doctor, who has some foreign name that makes me spit when I say it, will go over the course of treatment - how many doses over how many days, etc - on Friday. I don't know when I'll have the catheter done. It could be Friday or next week. I asked the doctor if waiting is going to make it worse and he assures me that as long as I treat it, I will be fine. I wonder if he is trying to soothe me or convince himself. We were planning a trip to Sea World this weekend, but I don't know if that will happen or not. He told me to ask the doctor on Friday.

This all hasn't helped my useless feelings. It reminds me of when I found out about Pickle's CAH. I felt defective then and I feel defective now. I've been so strong and gone through so much.

My pity party is really bad right now. But, to put it all in perspective I made a checklist of my blessings:
I'm not dead - check
My kids are healthy - check
I'm not likely to die from this - check
I'm skinnier than before - check
I don't have a tree in my neck - check (swear to God, I saw this dude with a tree limb from one shoulder through his neck to the other shoulder on some Secrets of the ER show on Discovery tonight - suddenly the port cath doesn't seem quite so bad as having a birdfeeder hanging off my shoulder.)

Oh yeah, you're wondering what my other bad thing was. Remember when I was getting my oil changed today? Well, they checked my AC earlier this year and couldn't find why it was leaking and put some dye in it. Today, the found the leak in the evaporator core. They apparently have to remove the dashboard to get to the AC unit to replace it. Will only cost about $1000. That doesn't even factor in what this medical fiasco is going to cost.

But, at least I'll have my health. Dammit. Ok, so I won't have my health. But, at least my stomach is flat.

Just when I thought ....

I was doing ok, I get another setback.

Went to the doctor for a follow-up exam today and turns out that I have some rare strain of infection in my incision and that is why I'm not healing, still draining and why my incision hurts on my leg. It isn't healing. It is also the reason I have two giant bumps under the incision where the seroma or whatever broke through.

This fucking infection is so fucking rare (sorry, I'm mad right now) that I can't even find it on a google search. Some scientists have it listed on their CVs or else it is listed on some veterinary site. Oh, that is comforting. I have a dog disease. Great. I don't even have a dog, nor have I seen or been in proximity of a dog in forever. So, no jokes about catching this from a dog. I suppose Army of Dad is a "dog" in the sense that he likes to chase females, but even that isn't really funny to me right now.

The treatment options are penicillian and that is out because I'm allergic to it or IV antibiotics and we're not talkign about one round in the doctor's office. We're talking about inserting a hep lock and doing this thing every day, twice a day for a period of time. I don't really know right now. The doctor was running late in surgery and I got all this from a nurse I have never laid eyes on. She was waiting for the doctor. He put in a call to an infectious diseases doctor to see if there is ANY other kind of oral medication I can take to kill this infection. I don't even know what it can/will do to me at this point.

I feel so useless and I wish I had never done this. I hate it when I get this way. I would just prefer to crawl under a rock and die. But, instead of that, I'm going to get my oil changed.

Indy car pics - Danica fever

Uzz shot pics last weekend at Texas Motor Speedway of Danica Patrick, the races and the coolest of them all - Paul, Pauly and Mikey from Orange County Choppers. He has them posted here.

Maybe I can make him a race fan, too.

I'm turning more redneck every day. If I start drinking beer, someone please have an intervention. That reminds me that I got buzzed off Merlot at the gala Monday night.

In the heart of Texas

The funeral mass was good yesterday. Many of us recalled our days with Mr. Delaney and how he influenced each of us in some way. He made each child feel special and like we could do anything we wanted to. He also knew what our weaknesses were and he challenged each of us in those areas. My best friend's family is vacationing in Colorado this week, so she flew down for the funeral and then I took her back to the big airport to catch her flight. We had a nice lunch and then hung out at the terminal for a while. I'm going to miss my badged status. We rode the Skylink train and had fun. The military R&R flight was at the next gate to hers, so we got to enjoy the smiles and looks from the soldiers returning to the desert. So many handsome young men (and a few girls in there, too) ... was sort of sad to see them go.

Took some pics of my buddy on the train with me.

And, in one of the stations.


If I won the lottery ...

Gadfly is fired. He tagged me with the following meme:

What would you do if you won the powerball lottery and were suddenly wealthy beyond your dreams of avarice? What would you do with all that money?

Well, I am so boring with this.

First off, I'd help my folks out any way they needed to. I'd probably help out my brother and his family right now.

I'd pay off all of our bills and probably keep writing for pittance, but I'd spend more time writing my book and less time trying to drum up business.

I'd do more volunteer work and work harder to promote newborn screening and research on Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (Pickle's birth defect).

We'd get a big piece of property out in the country and build a house.

I'd take the kids on vacation. I'd go on a cruise with all my girlfriends. Army of Dad and I would hit every major league ballpark in one season. I'd probably take AoD to Hedonism with me just for giggles.

I might get a personal trainer to help me work out and get on track. A housekeeper weekly would be nice, too.

If I had enough money, I'd set up all the financial arms to make us even more money and then before I croak, I'd improve the journalism department at Baylor and either endow a chairman or scholarship fund.

Sort of boring, I guess, but fun.

Symphony of Flight, part 1

I tried to blog something like this last night, but our computer is overloaded and tired, so it crashed on me. So, here we go again.

We had a great time at the big airport shindig. The Dallas and Fort Worth Symphony Orchestras played together and it was really good. We had some good food, free beer and were able to rub shoulders with the important people. Strangely enough, they were all REALLY nice. We met the conductor for the Fort Worth Symphony and I was able to introduce Army of Dad to the terminal's architect and one of the artists from the art program.

Entertainment was great. Cirque performers were around and were lots of fun. I'll blog more later. I have three stories due by Thursday, a press release for work that needed to be written last week and I have a funeral today as well as some training on doing the lingerie parties tonight. So, no rest for the wicked.

Below is Army of Dad and I at the gala with a pic taken by Uzz, who was working the event. I was feeling very Stevie Nicks-ish with the shawl. I kept wanting to spin with my arms open wide covered by the shawl. I finally gave in to the urge in the parking garage singing "Stand back, stand back. In the middle of my room, I did not hear from you ... " Army of Dad is too young to get it. All he could tell me was that Stevie Nicks was in Fleetwood Mac. He wasn't familiar with the VERY funny move that I made. *shaking my head* I did feel very on top of fashion with the shawl, though. Many of the women there were sporting them in various fashions.

Here we are with one of the Cirque performers.

I'll blog more about it later this week. But, here is a little bit of it. I'm tired today.


Last minute scramble

Well, I get to go to the black-tie gala at work tonight and I'll be damned. I can find Army of Dad's dress shoes and dress black socks, but I can only find one shoe out of four from the two pairs of nice dressy black heels of mine.


And, I haven't even showered or picked out my jewelry!!!!!!!!

RIP Mr. Delaney

My old elementary school principal died on Friday. This man was the epitome of principal when I was a kid. He was huge - 6-foot plus and when you're a dinky little kid, that is pretty intimdating. He had this booming voice that put the fear of God into you, but there were times, too, when you would think you're about to get it and he'd burst into laughter.

We got to know alot of each other during my school years. He ran a community swimming pool in the summer and I always saw him there. The pool had a name, but I called it Mr. Delaney's pool. I got in trouble a lot as a little kid and was sent to the office a few times too many and he got on to me for it, too. But, I was also a smart kid and he challenged me. For a while, he taught me and another kid (who turned out to be a National Merit Scholar) a private math and reading class because we were so far ahead of the other kids. He didn't want to see us leave that potential untapped.

The Kennedales schools will sorely miss his influence on their children.

Here is his obit:
James F. Delaney, 74, passed away Friday, June 10, 2005, in Fort Worth.
Memorials: In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to the James F. Delaney Scholarship Fund at Wells Fargo Bank of Kennedale. James was born July 6, 1930, to the late, James A. and Genieve Coady-Delaneyin Philadelphia, Pa. He had been a member of St. Patrick Cathedral for over 30 years and TSTA. He received both his B.A. and M.A. at Texas Wesleyan College.

Many people have attempted to describe this man that children adored and respected for years. Words such as "endearing, gruff but soft, private and to the point, and unique" have all been used. Mr. Delaney was a man of principle, standing up for his beliefs, faculty and students, always. He was the man who coached basketball early mornings before school, where any and all children were able to come, even picking them up if need be.

He had a fantastic memory, having the ability to recall students' names, stories and overall performances years after they were grown. Kennedale was blessed with this gruff giant of a man as its principal at the primary school. In 1995, the community honored him by renaming the school after him. Over the years, his school received many awards. Some of his proudest were the TBEC award for four years and having been awarded exemplary status by the state of Texas for nine years. Retirement never came. He passed away looking forward to starting his 41st year as principal at the James F. Delaney Primary School.



Army of Dad called and the jerks at Delta have screwed him over. He had to stay late to work more and then the CSR he got on the phone told him to go stand-by to later flight and said it was not overbooked and he should be able to get on. Nope. Then, they screwed him around some more.

8 p.m. Hopefully. I'm taping The 4400 before I go. Wish I was technically savvy enough to know how to program a VCR.

I want a dog now

Ok, maybe not NOW. But, when my work project is done. You know, because I don't have enough to do or things to waste my money on.

But, you can blame the hottie host, Steve Watson, of Monster House for his animal shelter monster house build for making me want one. They did a build for a pound and showed all the little critters who need homes and made me really sad. Of course, the PMS kicked in again as I was crying while explaining to Hot Rod what a pound is for and what they do to animals that people don't want. So, anyway. A dog may be in our future.

And, while he is a dirty old man who can't keep his hands to himself, he still offers good advice:
This is Bob Barker reminding you to help control the pet population. Have your pet spayed or neutered.

Hey Jude

My sis-in-law sent me this wonderful little way to waste time and I love it. Just put in your birthdate and it will tell you what song was the No. 1 hit that day.

Mine was Hey Jude by the Beatles. One of my favorite songs, I must add.

Here is the rest of the crew:
Army of Dad - Love Hangover by Diana Ross
Pickle - I'll Make Love to You by Boyz II Men
Hot Rod - Livin La Vida Loca by Ricky Martin (this one I knew because Ricky Martin was in Dallas the weekend I had Hot Rod and I was so mad that I couldn't go see him.)
Stinkerbelle - A Moment Like This by Kelly Clarkson

Despite it all

Kids can get the best of us and my kids have been working in award-winning style to drive me to drink this weekend.

But, there are moments when, in spite of it all, we know how much we love them and are willing to do for them. I just had one of those moments.

Trying to write a story that is due tomorrow and Stinkerbelle insists on being under my feet, so I try to give her some tasks to do to "help" me and keep her busy. I ask her to toss the plastic newspaper bag in the trash and despite the fact that there are at least four trashcans within 10 feet of where I am, she insists on getting to the one under the computer desk and she has to crawl under the desk drawer, which has a sharp edge to it.

You can see where this is going. Being the mom that I am (and just about any mom worth her weight - which can be alot for some of us), I put my fingers over the sharp corner, just in case.

Dammit. The just in case was needed today. Now my index finger throbs and has a giant red triangle on it. She knocked the crap out of my hand right into the corner. Better my fingers than her hard head. Right?

Maybe I can earn back my A-Ok mommy status. I lost it last night when I "lost it."

I've got the music in me

Alli tagged me with a music meme.

The instructions:
List five songs that you are currently digging ... it doesn't matter what genre they are from, whether they have words or even if they're any good but they must be songs you're really enjoying right now. Post these instructions, the artist and the song in your blog along with your five songs. Then tag five other people to see what they're listening to.

My Songs as of right now that I like:
1. The Hand that Feeds - Nine Inch Nails
2. The Clincher - Chevelle
3. Just a Lil Bit - 50 cent
4. Remedy - Seether
5. Daughters - John Mayer

Hmm. She already tagged Uzz. He is THE music dude that I know, so I'll tag him, too.

Kathleen from Baggage and Blathering

Tag, you're it!

Zoo, museums and grocery shopping: Oh my!

Saturday was a busy, busy day and Stinkerbelle made me pay for it last night.

We started the day with a zoo birthday party. It was a lot of fun. It was the same program that brought the zoo to the kids' school a few months ago. But, it was fun.

Here is the birthday boy with Hot Rod. They're buds. His friend was born just a couple of weeks after him and they've been playing together ever since. His mom, KR, and I were working together when we got pregnant. We've been friends from the first time we met in 1998. She is so funny and clever. She is one of the few girls I know who can wear any kind of hat and make it look good. Plus, she has this great laugh.

Here is my friend KR and her family. Did I mention she is due to pop out a baby girl in about 7 or 8 weeks?

My mesmerized children looking at the animals.

The kinkajou and spring haas are always favorites.

The spring haas looks like Pikachu from Pokemon.

I kept waiting for one of the critters to poop, but they didn't fortunately. My battiers for my camera died without warning soon after, so that was it. We had cake, opened gifts and then we headed to the museum to see the new Imax movie there. It was awesome!!! Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag was so cool. I want to take Army of Dad to see it ASAP. He will love all the dog fights and action. It is so cool if you like military stuff.

Stinkerbelle gave out on the drive home and I remembered why I don't eat McDonalds as I promptly had to sit on my throne for a while after we got home. The princess stayed passed out for a while and I got some work done. After she woke up, we went to the Dollar General store and I stoked up on the cheap neosporin. I go through that stuff like my kids with M&M Minis. Then, to the Mrs. Baird's store and on to Brookshire's.

LabKat and JS came over for burgers and to watch me turn into Momzilla as my children each had their own personal meltdown after an activity-filled day. And, I guess it was to be expected. They were very good at the zoo, museum and store. They really were. Last night, each of them was pure evil at some pint. The oldest and the youngest won the awards for being the biggest whiner and the biggest toot. Hot Rod was actually pretty good overall. So, once I tucked all the kids away for the night, we watched Napolean Dynamite and prety much wondered why its magic was lost on us. There were a few moments where we thought their might be a plot, two funny moments when we had to go back and watch it again - when he falls over the fence after fighting with his uncle and when the low riders give him and his date a ride to the dance. But, that was about it. I don't get the appeal.

Army of Dad called to say he may not be coming back on time because the project is going slower than anticipated. I thought I would cry, but there isn't a lot I can do about it but wait. We'll see how the day goes.


I'm such a wimp

Friday was my first really busy day back at work and my arms are sore today. I feel like such a wuss. But, really, it isn't THAT bad. Since the surgery three weeks ago, I haven't been allowed to lift anything. The doctor told me to carry what felt ok and not to push it. Well, yesterday was my first test. I had to carry five pizzas and a box of about a dozen cans of soda. It wasn't heavy, per se, but I had to carry it a long way. I felt like such a wuss. That is so bad. Now, this morning, my arms are sore.

I had to taxi executives from American Airlines and the airport over to a documentary shoot at the new terminal. Because you know, execs can't drive themselves places. They can't say thank you either. Ok, the one female exec did say thank you. But, I was reprimanded, nicely, but still reprimanded for telling an exec "probably" when he asked me a question. The exec had a quizzical look on his face when I said it to him, too. So, you can tell he isn't used to hearing that. One of the PR dudes pulls me aside and said "We don't tell the COO probably when he asks us a question. We tell him, yes sir, we'll make it happen." I sort of looked at him blankly and said, what's the worse they'll do? Fire me? I don't think they can afford to fire me right now and this job is only temporary, so what if I am done a couple of months early. That sort of shut him up. I don't think he expected that. I'm so bad at kissing ass. But, maybe this job is helping me be a little more, what is the word? I don't know. Oh yeah, more diplomatic. I'm getting better, still not quite what I need to be for this job. I'm ready for it to be over. We'll be broke and my anxiety level will rise again from eeney-meeney-miney-moing the bills, but at least I'll be home and with my kids.

Got some freelance stories to work on today. One interview in a few minutes and another at 4 p.m. We have a zoo birthday party this morning and maybe if the kids are good, we'll go to McDonald's for lunch and see an Imax movie before we come home and go to the store. LabKat is coming for dinner tonight with her hubby, so that will be fun. Just a LONG DAY. Will be nice to wind down with some friends. I miss Army of Dad. I also hate my arms being sore.


Baby Jekyll and Prissy Missy Hyde

How can that precious little 2-year-old who was trying to sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star with me about an hour ago turn into this stark-raving lunatic who won't lay down in her bed unless someone is patting her back and rubbing her hair?

I'm trying to ignore it. But the MOMMY screams over and over - dotted with some higher pitches here and there, different intonations, some with the emphasis on the eee sound, some on the MOM sound. All together, it is making me a nervous wreck. With Army of Dad gone, she slept with me last night. So, she wanted to do that again tonight. I told her no. Now, I'm hearing the full fledged fit getting thrown.

These are the moments that try a man's soul, or something to that effect.

Add to it, I think I'm PMSing because I was crying while reading "The Kissing Hand" to Hot Rod at bedtime. God, that is a sweet story. Pickle has a story that makes me cry, too, "I'll love you forever." My sadistic boys get a giggle out of it.

Seems Pickle couldn't handle the fits and crying. He just came downstairs to get Stinkerbelle Fit Thrower of the Highest Order a sippy cup of water. He was going to cave in and get her milk until I stopped him. Didn't work. Time to go be Momzilla.

Happy Birthday Army of Dad

I hate that he is away on a business trip on his birthday, but his sister is treating him to Outback Steakhouse for his birthday meal. That isn't too bad. I'll treat my kids to one of their favorite meals tonight, noodles and meat.

Anyway. Happy 29th birthday kiddo.

Flying a kite with Hot Rod and giving the boys a 22 for Christmas.

With the soccer team and bagging a mallard.

With the kids.

I love you sweetheart. Hurry home and have a happy birthday.


WHOA!!!!! Who opened the gate?

I was flabbergasted tonight and speechless. For those of you who know me, it takes a lot for ME to be without words.

Checked my site meter before going to hit the shower and instead of my average 575 or so hits today, I had 1,378 as of 10:04 p.m. Central time.

What the hell is that all about? You people must be bored.

Looked like, from what I could tell, that most people were coming into my August archives. Lots of political BS back then from the elections and lots of stuff about my boob and the lump in it. My personal favorite blog entry was the one about the biopsy.

A lot has happened to me in the past year. A lot of it bad, but it could be a lot worse, too. So, all in all, I consider myself pretty blessed. Thanks for coming to visit my little corner in cyberspace and for not leaving me nasty notes or spam comments. That is REALLY appreciated.

As the Beverly Hillbillies would say, ya'll come on back now, ya hear!

Texas Survivor

A friend emailed me this joke today. Too funny.

Due to the popularity of the Survivor shows, Texas is planning to do one entitled, "Survivor-Texas Style."

The contestants will all start in Dallas, then drive to Waco, Austin, San Antonio, over to Houston and down to Brownsville. They will then proceed up to Del Rio, El Paso, Midland, Odessa, Lubbock and Amarillo. From there they will go on to Abilene, Fort Worth and finally back to Dallas.

Each will be driving a pink Volvo with bumper stickers that read:
I'm Gay, I Love the Dixie Chicks, Boycott Beef, I Voted for John Kerry, George Strait Sucks, Hillary in 2008 and I'm here to confiscate your gun.

The first one to make it back to Dallas alive wins.

Happy LOTR calendar day

I love the days with happy little hobbits on them.

Today, I have the victorious scene of Merry and Pippin smoking the pipeweed from the Shire after Treebeard and the Ents defeated Sarumon in Isengard.

I love happy hobbits.

A better day

Thank God. I don't think I could handle being THAT pathetic again this morning.

Got a good night's sleep. Army of Dad missed his early flight, so I got to run by the terminal and spend about 10 minutes with him before I had to get to work. That is where having the security clearance is a nice perk. I'll take the kids to greet him at the gate when he comes home on Sunday, too.

Feel better today. My stomach is starting to soften up a bit and not feel so tight. The advice the nurse gave me on using the pad in the crease of my leg made a WORLD of difference. It is not hurting at all and yesterday it was aching constantly. Thank the Lord for that. However, my seroma spot is starting to leak again (that makes me feel better actually), but it is getting sort of hard and red and that makes me fear that it is an infection. My doctor is out of town till tomorrow, but I called a nurse and she is going to check to see if it is infected or not and call me back. So, we'll see.

I got to see Pickle today. Uzz was shooting a press conference at the airport and brought Pickle with him and he got to see mom at work for a bit while I was giving a tour to American Airlines folks. Was good to see him. I miss him so much. He is spending a lot of time with his dad this summer, which is good for him. He is getting exposed to so many wonderful things. He got to meet Van Cliburn while Uzz was shooting. He's met area Cowboys and Rangers athletes. He gets to do great stuff with his dad. I just miss having him home with me, but he is coming home tomorrow night and we're going to do all sorts of fun stuff.

Saturday morning we have a zoo party and we'll go visit the zoo. I may be crazy for taking three children to the zoo by myself, but we'll see. Saturday night, LabKat and JS are coming over for dinner and a viewing of Napolean Dynamite. I still haven't seen it. Sunday, I'm taking the kids to the Imax and then we'll go see Army of Dad arrive. We'll ride the Skylink train a few times, too, while we're there.

One more tour today and then I need to get cracking on writing a press release. My boss put me TOTALLY in charge of organizing and orchestrating a symposium on accessibility. WOW! I'm still shocked that he trusts me to do it. So Friday is being dedicated to nothing but that. I have many facets in place, but need to get on it big time.


The care and feeding of Army of Dad

Note to self: No more broccoli for AoD. It makes him gassy.

Thank God that he is a little considerate and usually went to the other room to fart. Problem was that the smell often followed him back.

Now where are those matches?

Pity party

Welcome. Pull up a chair, grab a tissue and have a good cry with me.

My first full day back at work and I had a tour this morning. About halfway through, I got a God-awful pain where my incision is close to that place where your thigh meets your crotch. But, I had to suck it up and move forward. Finally, I got back to the office and to the ladies' room. I can't "doctor" my wounds without looking in a mirror to see everything, so I waited till I heard no one else and went out to the mirror. About the time I pull out my wound to take care of it, one of my coworkers walks in. She actually asks if she can see it and then she comes over and helps me bandage it up. It felt so much better.

I called the nurse at the doctor's office and got the gum-chewing, nose-pierced girl and she actually gave me some practical advice - put a maxi pad in that crease in your leg and see if it cushions it. Voila! Problem fixed. It worked. Now, of course, I'll have no pads left when I'm on the rag next week.

But, I don't care. It feels much better.

Army of Dad leaves tomorrow for a business trip. His birthday is Friday. He hasn't really sexed me but a couple of times since the surgery because he is afraid of hurting me. It sucks. And, probably when he gets back, I'll be on the rag. This just sucks. My body is changing and I can't make up my mind what I think about it. It is weird to be me right now. My clothes don't really fit yet. The old pants looks weird because where my kangaroo pouch used to be is now just empty and hangs there. Sort of funny looking - like a guy who wears his pants saggy in the ass only mine is saggy above the crotch. *shrug*

I really hope I get over this soon. I hate being pathetic.


I can't get no satisfaction

I do believe that Mick Jagger said it best.

And, to quote Army of Dad: there is no pleasing you.

The leaking has stopped. The little opening has finally cauterized itself, so to speak, and has stopped draining. Figures, I was just getting good at making up disgusting little verses of My Seroma to The Knack tune of My Sharona.

But, this is where I'm totally weird. Now, I'm all freaked out about it not draining anymore. Did it all get out? Is is festering in there now? What the hell? It is still a wee bit swollen on that side. Is it because a pocket is there? Is it normal?

ARGH!!! Calgon take me away! Oh well, crap. I can't take baths for another couple of weeks at the soonest. *insert deep sigh here* Showers just DO NOT make me feel as happy and relaxed as a scalding hot bath.

My boss had me work from home today, which was really good. I have gotten a lot done actually. More than I would have at the office. Just hate not knowing what is going on with my body.


Kiss your sister, you will

You scored as Luke Skywalker. RUN LUKE! RUN! You want to have an adventure, even if it means kissing your sister, petting a wookie, and trying to kill your dad.

Luke Skywalker


Jabba the Hutt




Padme Naberrie Amidala Skywalker


Princess Leia Organa






Han Solo


Anakin Skywalker


Obi-Wan Kenobi


Which Star Wars character are you most like
created with

Hat Tip to my "dad," Anakin Skywalker, Cashin.